Ford is all talk on Electrics, its not serious

Discussion in 'Ford' started by 101101, Jan 15, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Its true that Ford doesn't have a bankruptcy history like Chrysler 2x and GM 1x. It true, unless I am mistaken, that Ford didn't need to be bailed out. But Ford is the weakest on electric commitment of all major makes. It's all about the hybrids but hybrids are another scam, they are double power trains, and just a way to keep should have been long dead petrol alive.

    Musk provided the perfect analysis of Ford when Mercedes announced a 10 billion dollar electric program. Musk was like: is that all, its a drop in the bucket. Because that's true. If Ford said they would invest 200 billion in electrics over the next decade that would be more serious. And that is the kind of investment its going to take to keep them from going bankrupt. Their idea of being the operating system is beyond stupid. What qualifies them for that? They could pull it off but they don't even have the right complement to do that. Ford is going to out google Google or something like that?

    Ford got scared because Tesla said it was going to take out the F150. It should be scared because no hybrid will compete with a pure electric on power/acceleration etc. It will be a repeat of the Semi only worse, think of the range the Roadster is showing. Ford is doing a Navistar.
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