Ford has an electric pickup truck program

Discussion in 'Ford' started by Domenick, Feb 5, 2019.

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  1. Ford let it be known in mid-January 2019 that they have an electric pickup truck in the works. Now, just weeks later, our first spy shots of a mule.

    We've had assorted lithium battery vehicles on the road for about a decade now but no pickups. That's shaping up to change. Besides this Ford program, the adventure-oriented Rivian R1T is slated for production, and the Tesla Truck is also in the works.

    Personally, I think that later vehicle will provide the strongest competition for Ford. The Rivian is pretty awesome, but not quite full size. I expect the Tesla will be, as will the Ford.
    It's going to take some time for either of those machines to come to market, and so Rivian may actually be the first available.

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  3. RLXXI

    RLXXI Active Member

    Thing with Ford is it already has a supporting infrastructure for customers. Dealers world wide, in the U.S. alone in almost every town. All they have to do is supply the vehicle they already make at a competitive price with the new propulsion system and it's game over for all others.

    The above is stated on a best case scenario for ALL parties involved with respect to vehicle features/performance in all aspects.
  4. larrenz

    larrenz Member

    I'm interested about the towing performance of an electric truck.
  5. The only one we have stats for right now is the Rivian R1T. I believe it is said to be good for 11,000 pounds. A full load would cut range in half, so that's a consideration as well.
  6. gooki

    gooki Well-Known Member

    Are we assuming that’s a fake exhaust pipe? Or it’s a PHEV.
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  8. I'm going with fake. Mostly because that's what the spy photographer claimed.
    Often times (though I can't be certain about this particular time), the "spy" photographer does their job in coordination with the automaker. From what I understand they're given a bit of info about the vehicle, which they pass along in their notes to media. So, if the photographer explicitly says the tailpipe is fake, I tend to think they're right.
  9. Ashem

    Ashem New Member

    They just released this video of an electric prototype F-150 towing 1 million pounds.

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  10. Was just heading here to post this video.

    Good to keep in mind that this is apparently Ford's own tech. They have an agreement with Rivian to use its platform for a vehicle, but it doesn't appear to be this pickup.
  11. @larrenz, does this video answer any of your towing questions?
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