Ford & GM need new managements

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 101101, Apr 15, 2021.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    The Ford CEO was just attempting to brag about Ford's Blue Cruise. Why?! Honestly Blue Cruise and Super Cruise look much weaker than Autopilot 1.0 from 2014. These things don't seem to have an actual neural net behind them and they can only work on very limited geo fenced roads and they have a tiny number of miles behind them. Note how they don't seem to have a phone home function deeper than OnStar hence no neural net for contextual function needed for self driving. And Ford claiming even level 3- what a total farse! Tesla has about 10 billion miles now on autopilot in the new hardware (if I am not mistaken) whereas Ford's Farley tried to make a quip about Ford's 1/100 number of miles meaning Ford didn't beta test on the public. Neither Ford nor GM's system can even drive off the highway. They are at nothing like even the Waymo level and the Waymo CEO just quit (if I am not mistaken) waiving the white flag Even in its own geomapped Phonix, Waymo's super expensive sensor studded monstrosities couldn't deliver customers as efficiently as even an older version of Tesla's FSD beta- Waymo has hit a wall. What are Ford and GM going to rely upon? MobileEye(?) after Tesla left MobileEye sold out to Intel? How do you think that is going? Will their excuse be that Toyota partnered with Tesla so now they are safe to do it as absolute minion like followers?

    Remember GM opposing CARB and Ford doing stupid ads about it being the only auto-maker that stood with CARB as if Tesla didn't exist and wasn't true green? There is a limit to how dishonest managements can be. The shareholder suits from their own investors have to be forth coming. I believe Ford and GM think the new Biden Green initiative is another bailout of their ICE crap just like BMW surely thinks that's what the EU's green spending is even as the EU says its outright ending the combustion engine soon. Thye are so wrong! It isn't another lame fossil fuel bailout this time, because starting now customers aren't going to want their junk. The can't just keep running on BS. Funny on battery day Elon mentioned he warned them, he told they they wouldn't be around.

    Motor Trend the most honest times 10x of the big 3 car mags but still quite dishonest just ran one of their ad articles where they couldn't get away with not rating the Model 3 the top sedan- yes it was rank 1 but then they tried to rank Audi as better on the tech with its A4. Really? What tech?? Diess was right, VW is a decade behind. It would be like saying the first BlackBerry had better tech than an iPhone 5.

    Noticed now that Buffet is the latest in the sky is falling on stocks crew joining Gates and Dalio. But what do these people have in common? They have massive natural gas holdings and my take is they want a sell out in tech so they can get money put back in to the lame, most defunct and totally government welfare dependent of commodities: natural gas. Is Gates selling Microsoft? Is Buffet selling Berkshire? No, of course not. Are they selling their garbage natural gas? No they probably couldn't get away with it given all the people they pied piper-ed into it and are likely whining because they are terminally underwater on it. Buffet just took on a bunch of failing ng junk in the South as a kind of buyer of last resort (supposedly it failed because people bought heat pumps for their homes and planned gouging didn't work out.) I certainly can't give investment advice and buyer beware this is not investment advice!- but how rational or informed is it to hold for instance natural gas vice say bitcoin? Or traditional ICE vs Tesla? And what kind of lame institutional investor buys traditional ICE? I've been aware of some green mutual funds like Green Century. I've become skeptical of them because even with all the hostage taking and social welfare to try to prop up crap fossil fuel assets fossil fuels have had abysmal actual returns but Green Century can't manage to perform much better even when fossil fuels is always failing. This goes to prop up captured pension managers when they claim falsely that somehow not buying fossil fuels would put their pensioners at risk I suspect Green Century sabotages their own results so they can be pointed to on behalf of fossil fuels as what green investing actually looks like with only marginally better results than fossil fuels. I've noticed they seem to hide behind some of the false virtue signaling that GM does in their organization make up. Reminds me of how all the fake progressive democrats signed that pledge of no fossil fuels almost without exception (Takano might have been the only exception- maybe there was another- I don't know about Insley) and then almost without exception they all took substantial amounts from fossil fuels but not amounts needed to win but enough to signal they were bought and paid for- Bernie and AOC- Bernie tried to say he didn't- I wonder do they have fossil fuel bearer shares as well? But fossil fuels aren't strategic policy anymore all they will ever do is destroy your economy while AI runs you over. Bailing fossil fuels out is no longer strategic or even tactical policy.

    There would be no need to ever mention these firms if they were honest. What is the chief job qualification of a fossil fuel or ICE company CEO? It would be: liar!
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  3. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    Most CEOs just can't see outside their bubble.

    Even fewer actually engage with the public that buy their offerings. And by engagement I mean start a conversation, or solicit feedback both positive and negative. Talking at the public is not engagement.
  4. As long ss they're not getting flak for being so behind, it won't matter to them. Honda Sensing did semi-autonomous highway driving years ago. It's not on the level of Tesla but it goes to show that Ford and GM are lagging far behind. Nissan Pro Pilot has also been doing this stuff as well and has been offered on their cheap economy line, the Nissan Sentra. I have a feeling Honda and Nissan will offer limited traffic control awareness before Ford and GM.

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