FORD Focus EV was great

Discussion in 'Ford' started by jim, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. jim

    jim Active Member

    I leased a FORD Focus EV for 3 years. The battery was great. EVen in our Phoenix greater area with lots of HEAT I never seemed to lose even 1% capacity.
    They didn't have a DC Fast Charge Option on my 2013.
    The battery was just added in as an after thought so it took up a lot of the rear hatch trunk area.
    The maps and display were outdated.
    Worst the air conditioning was an old compressor and not a super efficient heat pump so the range would drop 30 miles or more when it was on.

    But overall it was great because of the long battery life. I'd love to check out the new 2018 model but they never stock or order any in Arizona. Maybe someday they will offer them everyplace.
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  3. Triangles

    Triangles New Member

    Sadly the 2018 FFE is only available in CARB states and production at the factory will cease May 7 so the factory can be retooled to make Ranger/Bronco. Focus production moves to China to begin in late '19 so looks like it may be the end of the FFE as there will be no Focus production for a year! With all the talk from Ford lately and the apparent steps they are taking in the opposite direction, it makes you wonder how serious they are about the EVs. I'm holding on to my FFE and someday hope to put in a 60kWh or larger battery as an aftermarket or DIY solution when the 8 year battery warranty expires. I have little faith Ford will show their first mass market EV any love.
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  4. I understand the pessimism when it comes to Ford's electric plans, but I think they'll give the Mach 1 (their eventual all-electric crossover offering) a good bit of love.

    It should be something of a halo car to them. They need to demonstrate that they can make an EV as good or better than anyone, even if they continue to make a large portion of their profit from trucks and SUVs. They claim to have a lot of electrification plans, so if the Mach 1 falls on it face, it would be a blow to their entire program. Hopefully they themselves understand the stakes.
  5. Eugene_Bond

    Eugene_Bond New Member

    Is that possible to install more KW battery? I have Ford Focus 2012 and hope one day to be able to add somme more KW on it.
  6. ITown

    ITown Active Member

    When I leased my 2016 Focus Electric the salesman at the dealership claimed it would be possible. I have no evidence this is true though, and Ford doesn't really seem to acknowledge the car's existence any more, so my guess is you'll only accomplish this if a private garage does the work, e.g. using salvage tesla batteries.
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  8. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Active Member

    I had two FFEs and I was active in the forums for a long time. I can tell you that the ONLY replacement battery for the FFE is the larger 30 kWh battery. A lot of older FFEs got the larger battery but it’s expensive if you can’t get it under warranty.

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  9. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    If only Ford had put or offered the Focus' 6.6kw charger on the Escape PHEV / Corsair GT rather than a 3.6 kw charger.

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