Ford F-150 Lightning Price Markup

Discussion in 'F-150 Lightning' started by Dean Bruno, Feb 11, 2022.

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  1. Dean Bruno

    Dean Bruno New Member

    On May 19, 2021, I placed a reservation for a Ford F-150 Lightning and on 2.3.22 I received an email from Ford that I could configure and place an order for the Lightning.

    I went online and configured the Platinum version and just before I clicked to place my order, I realized that the Stevens Ford Dealership in Patchogue, NY inputted a $10,000 markup over and above MSRP.

    I have been in touch with the general manager of the Dealership who wrote a cryptic response but hasn't removed the markup and I wrote a letter to Jim Farley, CEO of Ford. Anyone else experiencing the same dealer markup experiences with Ford for the Lightning? Based on this - I went ahead and placed an order with Rivian for its 400 mile RT1.....Significantly disappointed in Ford.
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  3. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Perhaps the dealers' experience with the electric Mustang and the meager number of Lightnings Ford is expected to be delivering prompted them to take advantage of the supply/demand formula. Many Hyundai dealers are charging $10K - $15K over MSRP for the Ioniq5 and one Mercedes dealer tried to charge someone who reserved a Mercedes EQS $50K over MSRP--he bought a Lucid Air instead. Those hoping to purchase a Corvette Z06 are in a smaller and even slower boat. Ford is making threatening noises about reducing allocations to abusive dealers, but I'll be surprised if that actually happens.
  4. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

  5. I was going to order an XLT Lightning and contacted the dealer in Bakersfield who has my reservation and was told there would be no additional mark or dealer add ons. I have since decided I would prefer a Pro Model short range as its not my primary car, but a work truck so I pushed my reservation out to wait for the Pro to be available again as its currently sold out.
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  8. (From F150Lightning forum) Market Adjustment on this affordable beauty is double MSRP

    Gary Smith Ford, Fort Walton Beach
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