Ford F-150 Lightning: Everything You Need To Know About Charging It

Discussion in 'F-150 Lightning' started by Domenick, Jan 12, 2022.

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  3. RLXXI

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    Good info to know.
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  4. The price is now public for the Ford Charge Station Pro. |
    The 80-amp bidirectional charging station that is required for F-150 Lightning owners to utilize Ford's Intelligent Backup Power option is $1,310.
    While that seems like quite a bit compared to a 40-amp unit that we typically see and use, if you compare it with other 80-amp units out there, it's actually a great price.
    Of course, if you ordered a Lightning with an extended range battery pack (131 kWh usable), then it's included.
    If you don't have 100 amp service to your house, the station can be derated all the way down to 20-amps.
    Lots of other great tidbits on the InsideEVs article, but one other thing worth mentioning here is that it uses the CCS connector instead of the usual J1772. That's because it's designed to send DC energy from the truck's battery pack to your house.

  5. insightman

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    I agree, it is a great price considering it can deliver 80 Amps and is bidirectional.

    Honda created their Power Exporter 9000 to power homes from their Clarity Fuel Cell car. It cost nearly $10,000 (although I don't believe it was ever sold on this side of the Pacific). Of course, this expensive box couldn't make the hydrogen on which the Clarity Fuel Cell car runs, so it was not in any way bidirectional.

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  6. Good lord. I wonder if they sold a single one.
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  8. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    AFAIK, that port on the Clarity Fuel Cell serves no other function, so if Honda didn't sell many of these nice-looking, expensive V2L boxes , including that port was a wasted expense. Well, the Clarity, in general, was not a project with profit as it's primary goal.
  9. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    Looking over the Charge Station Pro page I noticed it says 30 miles per charging hour but for the standard range it is only 19 miles per charge hour. Digging deeper into this I found details in the F-150 Lightning Technical Specs that input for standard range is lower, which I haven't heard anyone mention before. And a Motortrend article saying the maximum charge rate is 150 kW (DC obviously), but is that true for both extended and standard?


  10. Yes the standard range Lightning is limited to on board ac charging while the Extended range is 19kw. The extended range comes with the "Charge Station Pro". The standard range does not come with the "Charge station pro". If you want to use the intelligent backup with a standard range you have to purchase the "Charge Station Pro" Separately.

    I have seen 148 kw dc when charging my standard range Lightning Pro. So yes both the standard and extended range Lightnings charge at a max of around 150 kw. I have been pleased with the DCFC speed on my lighting. It almost always starts off at 150kw unless there is a charging infrastructure problem.
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