Ford F-150 Lightning chassis walkaround and possible battery size

Discussion in 'F-150 Lightning' started by Domenick, Aug 31, 2021.

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  1. The dealer who took us on a tour of the Pro trim of the Ford F-150 Lightning also has another video I think is worth watching.

    In this one, he goes us a good look at the chassis underneath the truck and gives lots of info and insight. Later, he also shows off some features of the truck using a pre-production version, and talks about the frunk and the power outlets available all over this thing.

    It is at about that point (12:09-mark in the video) that he says the extended range battery size is 130 - 140 kWh. That's smaller than what we estimated -- (115 kWh net/125 kWh total (Standard-Range Battery) and 155 kWh net/170 kWh total (Extended-Range Battery).

    I assume he go his numbers straight from the horse's mouth, but there's still a possibility he got it wrong or was given incorrect info. What do you think?

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  3. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    I'm no expert on the undercarriages of trucks, but that video shows the front motor is rather far back from the front of the frame. Looks like potential for mounting of a plow in front of it pretty easily, and realizing the F-150 Lightning has dual motors means it should be a good plow vehicle. Not sure what that means for the frunk, though.
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  4. The Lightning has a huge frunk!
  5. I think he may be right, depending on how the rumours around the actual range turn out. Is it 300 (with a load) and closer to 400 without? Can't wait for you guys to get your hands on one and put it through its paces. Then we will know the truth. :)
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  6. Roy2001

    Roy2001 Member

    There is no way ER battery to be only 120-140 kWh. They don't have more info than us.
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