Ford confirms it will build a car using VW's EV architecture

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    Ford trying to play catch up. What is concerning is that Ford seems to be pushing Europe rather than the whole world.

    What was once rumored is now official: Ford is going to use VW's electric car platform, called MEB, for some of its own battery-powered vehicles. The announcement builds on the "global alliance" that the pair announced back in January. Ford says it will use VW's MEB to build "at least one high-volume fully electric vehicle" in Europe "starting in 2023." The MEB framework is already being used in a variety of yet-to-be-released EVs by Volkswagen and its subsidiary brands. Ford is the first external company beyond e.GO Mobile AG, a German EV startup, to use MEB, however.......

    ....In addition, VW is pouring $2.6 billion into Argo AI, a self-driving startup based in Pittsburgh. Ford has already invested in the company -- today's announcement means both automakers have an equal stake and, combined, a "substantial majority." Both companies plan to implement Argo AI's system into some of their future cars. Together, that should give Argo AI plenty of data to finesse its system and attract more automaker customers. Ford and VW say they will independently design "purpose-built vehicles to support the distinct people and goods movement initiatives of both companies." The specifics are unclear, but "purpose-built" suggests both companies are interested in driverless delivery and taxi vehicles.

    Watch out, Tesla?

    I appreciate the writer used a question mark after "watch out. Tesla". Some may have put it more in the affirmative. They would have made it sound that there was imminent threat to Tesla, even though we though we know that there is "many slip between the cup and the lip." Ford has a very long way to go before they are legitimate competitor, unless they buy someone up.

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