Forbes: Tesla Model 3 Era is Real Crushes Toyota Prius and Others

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by 101101, Sep 9, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    I would go a lot further and say Tesla is about to be born. This MP3 with V.9 AP and Traction Control is really the demonstrator that breaks through. People will buy the lower end variants of course, right now the average price of Model 3 is said to be about 60K. But this is the mass market car that will spread the example. It holds a enough people and items and its shows the over all model enough in terms of connected features that it will have the birth of the smart phone effect. This is the birth of the smart car. And Tesla is far, far ahead of any make that isn't Chinese. Everything from Germany at this point is a joke, we will see if even the Porsche Taycan has a frunk.

    This car will hit sales in other segments too. Well before there is Y SUV or a Tesla Pick up or a much cheaper purchase cost 25K vehicle or less this will hit them. You will see people who would have bought a new lower cost vehicle trying to get at any used Model 3s and delaying purchases or sticking to used ICE cars for a while very importantly not buying new ICE cars or junk hybrids because they see the radical superiority. I am saying lower level buyers will buy old junk ICE while attempting to save up and then buy new Tesla electric where possible or a used Tesla and will choose a used Tesla over other options but if they have to settle, they will settle for a used electric ultimately from other makes, like a Nissan Leaf or a Kona or IoniIQ. There won't be any way for the ICE makers to manipulate the used markets to make ICE seem more appealing- its a junk as a corded car phone with a pulse dial.

    We will see that people don't love SUVs that much. It was just the BS PR about trying to cheat emissions that was having ICE makers channel value on those vehicles and feeding the public BS- they won't be able to channel value anymore. What is about to happen to these other makes despite their BS bribery based lobbying is what happened to Sony in CES in the wake of Apple- worse. These companies their actual executives, their resumes their intellectual property, their connections their mind share they are all obsolete, these are permanent legacy companies. At the top it couldn't happen to a more deserving group. They took themselves out based on terminal stupidity and unrelenting but absolutely undeserved arrogance.

    Model Y, Tesla Semi, Tesla Roadster sure, but guessing that Tesla Truck design will be shown at Model Y unveil. Biggest delusion of all is that people would want to continue to pay these rent seeking arse hols with improved hybrid- you tack that fool engine that emirates are trying to develop to electrification- people don't want that junk- if they own a home the electrons come to them and they can drop 5 major bills covering fuel, heating, cooling, cooking, washing and electric through the floor, keeping all that money for themselves and for a more peaceful world and better opportunities for their children. All while reducing the political relevance of the middle east and all the associated war mongering and cost.
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  3. Jimmy Truong

    Jimmy Truong Member

    Tesla Semi will change the trucking business forever.

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