Forbes recognizing that Tesla is taking ICE market share in core of market

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Oct 21, 2018.

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    Of course this isn't just a fluke, Tesla no the most talked about brand in the world on Twitter, displacing Mercedes

    From this you can Tesla isn't just destroying Ford and GM and Porsche and Jaguar at EVs its destroying them at making cars. Tesla is outselling GM and Ford's best cars and Ford is at a new low stock wise as it runs from cars all together- imagine a Mustang truck, its is beyond laughable. Its time to begin the Ford death watch, good riddance you fossil fuel perp, your employees can migrate to the green economy or use the proper safety net and things like a basic income that like all the so-called for leadership at Ford is likely against while it blames the UAW for its destruction. Where is the UAW on a basic income, its needed just to keep the peace. Bailing this thing out because of the job creator wages slaver bs with too big to fail nonsense attached is a non starter but odds are Ford was on its hands an knees trying to get that total fool Republican senator to introduce that idiot bill that would penalize EVs relative to ICE cars.

    As we can see that Tesla is in the 7th year of taking hard share from the German Luxury makes, its taken more share from them than ever before. Saw some date showing that BMW is known to overstate it sales (a bit like emissions numbers which its being pulled into, also likes to project on vehicle fires- it was facing injunctions globally) but I am guessing its really not close to as well as its trying to claim in the states- I almost never see BMW X series on the roads in the So-Cal which is where you'd see them if their claim to have gained sales overall were true- its likely not. Also it looks like Tesla has started outselling BMW period in the US and that will hit Mercedes as well this month.

    As for Toyota while the Model 3 was the 4 the best selling car last month, it was the highest by revenue in the US beating the Camry. The Model X outsold the top Prius and outsold the Bolt and the Honda Clarity (surely in part due to hybrids of any kind being a fail now)- but also due to the apparently intentionally hobbled back end the Clarity only sold 200 units.

    Model 3 should become the best selling car in the US said to be most competitive of markets by the end of the year month to month and going forward.

    Right now the media narrative is is about how Musk was too much of a micro manager and how Musk cost Tesla money- such utter nonsense. Where was the whining about Jobs? This is a bigger deal and in a shorter amount of time.
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