Fool Cell Motors game of hide the tail pipe unraveling?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 2, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    At this point you'd have to be a total fool not to see that hydrogen is just a game of hide the petrol tail pipe. They try to hide the tail pipe in the smoke stack or in games of vaporware sequestration.

    Tesla introduced a radically superior product to the hydrogen petrol bait and switch scam a certain Tesla mimicking firm was offering. And now the firm with the Tesla related name is whining that its apparent vaporware product is losing business.

    They claim its the difference in the stock price. But interested parties need to verify its not about cancelled orders because what that company is offering isn't even viable next to what Tesla is offering. Figure now it will lose all claimed 8 billion $$ in orders and go under.
    Maybe Exxon has some of its transfer payment left over to help bailout this piece of hydrogen scam PR.

    Wouldn't people confuse this truck for a cough drop? Shouldn't MB be able to go after Lexus because the LS400 looked like MB W body?
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Now in totally predictable fashion Anheiser Busch has supposedly ordered 800 of the fool cell motors trucks. The economics on these things are horrible. Just so happens that that supposedly makes up for the amount Fool Cell Motors was claiming in damages in the patent troll case.

    Petrarchy must have read about people suggesting orders cancellations. What that a grant from the Exxon behind this which was a grant from the US tax payer where petrol fuel energy is subsidized to 150% of revenues?

    Problem here is that economics on hydrogen are absolutely horrible, enslaving horrible. They will never better only worse. They are basically impossible in the face of green energies greater than 7x efficiency advantage against hydrogen. Aneheiser Busch supposedly bought some Tesla trucks but this is 8x the amount from Fool Cell Motors and what still may be a vaporware product that will never even be more ecnomical
    than straight Diesel let alone have the BEV economics. This was probably also pushed because Tesla announced 2000 plus orders of its Tesla truck through JB Strabel in the interview and because Musk said 500 miles completely doable with existing tech and that the actual product would likely be greater than 600 miles. And lets be clear because some of the shill outlets have tried to say that the carrying capacity is still in question Tesla has said its still the 40 ton no compromise capacity.

    Hydrogen is a pure, an absolute pure scam. There is no use case. Surely not the capacity of even dying petrol fuel energy. Even its momentum as it goes fire sale is not a use case. There is no use case even if the energy were all from solar cells or other solar capture technology. Its dead tech, its not just inferior but radically, extraordinarily inferior and nothing more than a red herring marketing effort to delude people that petrol fuel energy is still viable just like posturing over Iran etc. Since 1950 petrol fuel energy has been at the core of a road to enslavement.

    Again incredibly stupid tax and conservative economic policies with 500 to a trillion a year USD in petrol welfare from the US alone every year has lead to a situation where people are 4x as productive but take in less than 1/2 the income that they did in 1970. In 1970 1 income with less hours worked a lot less, enabled a family to raise its own children avoiding latch key syndrome, granted job security and economic security absence of stress induced sickness that goes with it- the house would be paid off, retirement was a given, there was no medical bankruptcy, there was no student loan debt, a single income could put all the kids through school, and could expect its children to be better off and to still have social mobility. None of that is the case now even with 2 incomes. The American Standard of living, American quality of life and the American Dream have been stolen by petrol induced scarcity in large part- with its ever worsening economic and regular bail outs disguised as false flag wars of aggression or bailouts covered by backwards criminal austerity.

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