Food options while charging

Discussion in 'General' started by sjose, Feb 13, 2020.

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  1. sjose

    sjose New Member

    What kind of food or where do you eat during charging sessions, especially considering that current charging is substantially faster than previous generation charging technology?
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  3. If I am traveling and in a hurry, will choose a fast charging station near some fast food outlets. If just going out to a restaurant, will choose a L2 charging location.
  4. sjose

    sjose New Member

    That makes sense. I wanted to avoid fast food though :( And most of the times, good dining options have wait times
  5. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Our protocol:
    1. Fast food or take-out for food and potty break.
    2. Park at SuperCharger and dine-in.
    3. Trash in a bag; disconnect, and; toss in trash can at mini-mark.
    Bob Wilson
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  7. When I am traveling I use plug share to see what's around the charge stations. If you zoom in (way in) it will show of the surrounding business. You can click on them and it will allow you to go to google maps to see reviews. I have found some nice restaurants this way and avoided chargers with not much choice in dining
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  8. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    The charger that I use the most frequently is a free 50kW that is attached to an office building. So I bring whatever I want when I am on the way. Usually stop at Dunkin for some coffee and a banana. There is another one I sometimes use that is next to a Panera - I have to pay money to charge there however.
  9. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    This is why fast-chargers really need to start showing up where there are
    already well-established TRAVEL RESOURCES. Not the desolate bum end
    of strip-malls.

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