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Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by stewdodge, Dec 14, 2022.

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  1. stewdodge

    stewdodge New Member

    The wife just got her brand new Cooper SE!! I installed the BMW fast charger that came with it. I have a 240 volt AC 30 amp circuit I want to use it with (old stove circuit). Will the fast charger give the car the correct power to charge at level 2?? The manual is written in British. Kinda hard to fathom.... THANKS!!
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  3. chrunck

    chrunck Well-Known Member

    Does the charger have any settings you can adjust? If so, set it to a max of 24 amps. If not, set the car to reduced charging (rumored to be 16 amps).
  4. MrSnrub

    MrSnrub Well-Known Member

    The SE max charge rate is 30amp. Reduced is 16amp

    the Flex charger iirc is Max 40amp at 9.6kwh
  5. chrunck

    chrunck Well-Known Member


    For the OP, even though your circuit is 30amps, you shouldn't charge at 30amps. Constant full load will overheat the wires and risk a fire. Rule of thumb is 80% of the circuit capacity (aka 24 amps on a 30 amp circuit).
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  6. zellsun

    zellsun Member

    FYI, i charge 240v reduced at home (0-100% overnight around 8hrs) and 240v max at work by ChargePoint (0-100% around 4-5hrs).
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  8. MrSnrub

    MrSnrub Well-Known Member

    Full 30amps would require 40amp breaker and the correct wiring 8/3(rated 45amp here)would be more than enough for constant 30amp. However locally there isn’t much cost difference between 6/3 and 8/3 now

    In OP case he should look up the rating on the wire he’s using by trying to get a look at the insulation. Also maybe consider upgrading the outlet to something a bit more beefy than a stove

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