Flashing lights from other vehicles on screen?

Discussion in 'Honda' started by CarsonGrey, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. CarsonGrey

    CarsonGrey New Member

    This is probably one of those, can't be unseen comments/questions, so I'll apologize in advance...

    Has anyone noticed that using the side camera, some vehicles look like they have emergency vehicle flashing white lights?
    Not sure how many times I see this and instinctively try to pull over before realizing they are not an unmarked vehicle.

    I suspect it is a function of them being led lights and the refresh rate on the camera and/or screen.
  2. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    Your suspicion is correct. Common.
  3. CarsonGrey

    CarsonGrey New Member

    Thank you my issue has been solved

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