First Trip With Ariya Evolve+ Vancouver to Penticton

Discussion in 'Ariya' started by DJP, Jun 11, 2023.

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  1. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    The whole purpose of me getting an Ariya was to be able to do road trips relatively pain free. I had previous bought the 40kW 2018 Leaf thinking I would be able to do roads trips with it. My first trip was from Vancouver to Sun Peaks (just past Kamloops). It was a long and painful experience that took 3 charging sessions each taking significantly longer that the previous one due to the battery increasing heat causing throttling of the power intake.

    This weekend I drove from Vancouver to Penticton in a single charge. Here's the stats:
    • Total Distance (via Coquihala) 404km
    • SOC at start 100% GOM 422km
    • SOC at end 9% GOM 46km
    • Time 5h 14min (30 minute construction stop between Chilliwack and Hope, and 10 minute construction stop before Penticton)
    • Speed (generally what was posted)
    • History showed 28.7kWh/100km
    • Outside temp around 20deg C (a bit of rain now and again)
    • Air Con on low to keep me alert
    • Of note between Merritt and Kelowna the GOM was showing I would need to charge in Kelowna but gained 40km in charge with the very long hill that leads into Kelowna and gained a further 10km after Kelowna.
    Return Trip:
    • Total Distance (via Hwy 3) 385km
    • SOC at start 100% GOM 500km
    • SOC at end 15% GOM 73km
    • Time 5h 14min (30 min stop at Manning Park and very slow stretch mid-Fraser Valley)
    • Speed (generally what was posted)
    • History showed 17.8kWh/100km
    • Outside temp around 20 deg C (a bit of rain for the 1st half)
    • Air Con on low to keep me alert
    So, it's a great car for road trips.

    I noted that the ProPilot (not 2.0) at high speeds seemed to slow the car by 2 to 5 km/h on its own when I was going around somewhat tight turns.
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  3. OneEV

    OneEV Member Subscriber

    lol .. I'm thinking it probably didnt take to long before you figured...well this isnt going to work ;)
  4. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Ya, first trip was to Sun Peaks, north of Kamloops. Last fasting charging at Kamloops took 1.5 hours.

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