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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by jayc1358, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. jayc1358

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    Had the Niro EV since May. All has been good but a month ago the air vents in front of the driver seats will not put out any air. Yes the vents are open. If I put it on driver only a very small amount of air will come out of the left vent even with the fan on its highest. Nothing comes out of the right vent.
    Took it to Kia and they said they knew what was wrong but had to order the part. That was a month ago. I would imagine the part is coming from Korea but they must have sent it by boat. They said they would call me when it is in and said it was shipped so I will update the post when they fix it.
    Anyone else have an issue with the vents?
  2. LegoZ

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    We never had any problems in our Niro EX Hybrid (not EV or plug-in).
  3. wizziwig

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    If this is your first and only mechanical problem, you're probably better off than many others. At least you're not dealing with the knocking/tapping noise from the transmission at low speeds < 10 mph. Not sure if it's the higher mileage (~ 3000 miles) or hot weather expanding some part but it seems to be getting worse on my car. Sounds like a distant helicopter whenever I'm coasting to a stop without applying brake or accelerator. Looks like an ordeal to get fixed based on the European Niro forums.
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  4. jayc1358

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    That sucks. I have about 3500 miles on it and don't have any knocking but I am going to listen for one now. I had the windows open yesterday when I was driving and didn't hear anything. Are you going to take it in? My experience so far has been less than perfect trying to get this vent problem fixed. They said the part was backordered and was supposed to come in mid week but have not heard anything.
  5. wizziwig

    wizziwig Active Member

    You won't hear it with windows open - too much wind noise. Also with AC or radio. When I recorded it, I just put my phone on the floor next to the pedals. For most people, it seems to be only audible when slowing down below 10 mph.

    Yes, I'm working up the courage to get it serviced. Most likely in October when I'll be out of town on business and can leave car at dealer. There were some mixed reports where some people got the car back with even more noise so I was reluctant to risk it when my noise was only intermittent. Aligning the gears perfectly appears to take some trial-and-error and more of an art than science.

    Have not seen anyone else complain about your particular issue. With the car is such limited supply, getting parts can be difficult with long delays. Hope they get you sorted out ASAP.
  6. Lektrons

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    I find the cooled seats dont really do much for me overall. I am waiting for a new P as mine has bubbled, as well the full weather mats for over 2 months now.
  7. jayc1358

    jayc1358 Member

    Still not fixed. Took it over there and asked if they could at least manually open the dampers to let air come out the front vents and was told no because corporate is now involved and they need to leave it as is until the parts come in and they can take it all apart to find what went wrong. Strangely I received an email from Kia USA today with a case number and them asking all sorts of questions. They said they are contacting the dealer to find out the specifics and they would get back to me with what is going on. I never contacted before so I was surprised to hear from them first. I hope this is a sign that I am getting close to getting this thing fixed. It has been a long hot summer with no cold air coming from the front vents. Having to run the a/c full blast just to cool the cabin has been frustrating.

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