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  1. Tomorrow Mrs. Clamps and I are taking an extended weekend road trip. I mentioned this briefly in my Elevation thread in the General section of this forum. I have a more specific question about the Kona for all of you. Round trip is 274 miles mostly on interstate with speeds listed at 65 mph. There is some elevation change, about 1000 ft. Weather should be mostly sunny and 84F.

    Question, the car will be full or close to full tomorrow before we leave. We will be running AC for most if not all the trip. What can I expect in general terms from the Kona in regards to range? The ride there will be 137 miles with no real good options for charging at the destination that I can find (Lee, MA). We will use the car locally, maybe around town 10 miles for the weekend I would guess.

    Anyway, trying to formulate a plan on when to charge and how often. At what point on the battery percentage wise would you look to add juice? Would you even bother until the ride home??
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    Looks like there’s an EVGo fast charger at the Lee service plaza on the Pike, which might provide some comfort level. You could probably top up to 80% when you get out to the area and be set for the weekend and the ride home.

    I’ve only got about 1500 miles on the Kona, so still have a lot of range angst!
  3. You don't mention if this is an overnight trip but it sounds like it is. Lately we're getting just about 270 range with AC and highway driving 65-70 mph. I think you're pushing your limit if you don't find an interim charge, but if you're staying overnight a plugin to 120V with your supplied charger would add enough miles to get you home. If you're staying at a hotel call ahead to inquire about an accessible outlet, or they may even have a 240V charger available. If at a private home you'll probably be able to access a 120V outlet. BTW I checked with Google Maps and found 2 EVgo's and a Chargepoint in Lee.
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  4. 1000' is not much elevation change and 84F is a pleasant temp. Should only need 1 charge, but to be safe (or not have any range anxiety) plan for 2. Try pick a nice place to stop (after your 137 miles), and have snack, drink, bio break etc. Should be a nice trip. Of course try to pick free fast chargers if you can.
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  5. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear when I wrote extended weekend trip but yes it is over a few nights returning Monday. I did write the owners of the inn to see if they had destination charging and their reply was sorry, no. I found the ChargePoint level 2 charger at the Big Y grocer on PlugShare but did not see the EVGo stations in Lee.

    RP, I was thinking as you stated, one maybe two charges. However we will arrive at our destination in just over two hours so I wonder if I could hold off until the return trip. I suppose it depends how much we use the car over the weekend.
  6. Hi Clamps, maybe you've already checked out PlugShare and spotted the EA installation in Auburn, just south of Worcester and just off the Mass Pike. I've stopped there and had no problem. There are 8 charging stations, all rated 150-350 kW and the charging I did was fast. Can't remember exactly what charge speed I got, it was back in January, but it worked out well. There are also 4 EVgo stations further west in Sturbridge rated at 50 kW, not too far off I-90. Seems like you could plan to hit one of those coming or going and do the trip nicely. Let us know what your mile/kWhr averages are. I'm going to guess around 3.8.
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  7. I just checked / the Plugshare app. They're is 4 public level 2 chargers in town and evgo Fastchargers just west of town on i-90.

    I'd use the level 2 in town when you go out for dinner or shopping etc. To gain some mileage, and use the evgo chargers if it's not enough to go home, or your uncomfortable/want to play it safe.
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    I've used A better route planner before for my trips, I was worried it would under-count consumption in the Sierra mountains, but it's actually pretty accurate, tends to overestmiate consumption.

    Sounds like you should be fine given the chargers both on the way and at your destination :)
  9. Plug Share, Electrify America and "A better Route Planner" apps are all available for your cell phone. I would have these and be sure they are ready to log in and search. I many times just stop at EA because it is so fast and I am impatient. 30 min at EA and you might put another 100 miles range on. Peace of mind. I do not like range anxiety.
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  10. I am doing my first road trip in exactly a week. Happily, at my destination (Monterey) there seems to be a fair number of charging options, including a couple of not-too-conveniently located fast chargers and a bunch of level 2s in parking garages where I could conveniently leave the car for a few hours of sightseeing on foot, so I am not too worried. If anyone happens to be from that area and has particular advice, I'd love to hear it (of course I am checking the reports on PlugShare).
  11. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions. I do have apps and accounts for Electrify America, EVGo and ChargePoint. I am also using PlugShare for my routing and charger locations. I was only able to locate one level 2 charger in town but did notice the EA fast chargers to the west of Lee. There seems to be a few EVGo stations that are under repair or troublesome in the middle of the state. I think we will be fine it’s just nice to get this feedback for our first trip.
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    There is also A Better Route Planner:

    They also have Android and iPhone apps. Set the type of car, you starting charge, your starting and ending location and a y stops along the way and it will tell you where you need to charge.

    You can even set your preferred networks.
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    The DriveTheArc charger in Marina next to Monterey is free (like all the DriveTheArc), if you use their app.
  14. Just a warning about abetter route planner.
    I don't know where they get their charger information from. The fast chargers seem to be pretty accurate and up to date, but level 2 chargers are not very accurate.

    To the southeast of Las Vegas is a stretch without fast chargers and you pretty much have to rely on level 2 chargers and abrp is terrible about it and will not give you a good route.
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    Make sure when you use EA you change your plan to "Hyundai Select". It will save you a few $'s
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  16. Thanks, set that up yesterday.
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    For this kind of distance, you probably don't need to stress too much. You'll probably be fine with 110 overnight (if you can find it) and level 2 when you can.

    You might need, or even just want, to do a DCFC once or twice. You've got PlugShare so you know the options.

    And as for elevation, don't sweat it. The Berkshires, though beautiful in the summer and fall, aren't much in terms of mountains.
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  18. This is strange, on my iPad using the app I see all the chargers you mentioned. On my PC it only shows the ChargePoint and I do have the filters the same on both.
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    They get them from Open Charge Map, same places as PlugShare and such, so if your report them as no longer there to open charge map, it should fix it.
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    I just went thru this earlier this week. I also had some angst about my 'virgin long trip' in my Kona EV. My trip was to CLEAR LAKE OAKS, CA from the SF BAY AREA. Various maps were all showing the trip to be 128 miles each way = 256 miles RT. I topped my EV to 100% for the trip & it showed 310 available at start of trip. The journey climbs thru a windy long mountain road on HW 16 .. The regen of the charge allowed for literally 0 consumption of electricity during my downhill sections. (I left it on level 1 regen so that I didn't have to re-press the pedal - else it slowed down too much). I arrived with about 180 miles remaining - so plenty for my return trip. However, just for that whole "angst" thing, I plugged in the supplied 15amp supplied trickle charger for 8 hours which actually brought it up to 210 miles. I arrived home with 90 miles charge remaining. I DID run the AC for small periods of the trip = both way when temps got to 90+. But I was cautious about using it too much. Oh, and I did the speed limit the entire trip in CRUISE CONTROL, so wasn't lead foot.
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