First Edition MINI Cooper SE

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by insightman, Dec 14, 2019.

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  1. insightman

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    Poking around for MINI Cooper SE info, I came across this page on the Canadian MINI website:


    What makes a "First Edition" different from any run-of-the-mill MINI Cooper SE? Is there s special emblem somewhere? Do you get a plaque to place on your fireplace mantel? A unique key fob? A 111-mile battery?

    Here's a wild idea: Canada will receive only 100 2020 MINI Cooper SEs. What would give me such an idea? Yesterday, I visited my MINI saleslady and she told me that there will be only 200 2020 MINI Cooper SEs shipped to the US for March delivery. The next batch of cars to be delivered in April will be 2021 MINI Cooper SEs!

    I find this model-year delivery scheme very difficult to understand. So people receiving a car in March will have last year's model in April? Will the rarity of 2020 MINI Cooper SEs make them more valuable or will the older model year make them less valuable? Head is spinning.

    It could mean that the 200 March-delivery cars were manufactured in 2019 and the April-delivery cars will be manufactured in 2020. There may be some obscure rule that says you can't manufacture a 2021 car in 2019. Is it a government rule? Can a 2021 car be manufactured only after January 1st, 2020?

    Finally, will the 200 2020 MINI Cooper SEs be "First Edition" cars or is that designation reserved for the first cars delivered to Canada?
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