Fiat 500e road trip - 5 months, 8.000 miles

Discussion in 'Fiat/Chrysler' started by EV-Travellers, Mar 6, 2023.

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  1. We will soon start our 5 month EV road trip from Italy to Germany, The Netherlands, Northern England, Scotland, all Scottish Islands (like Orkney, Shetland etc.), Northern Ireland, Wales and Ireland. And back.

    8000 miles. 10 countries. 192 photo spots. All electrical with the Fiat 500e.

    We are very excited!

    We already did a tour from Italy to the UK for a month last year (everything went very well) and this year we want to top that.

    We want to show - the 500e is more than a shopping car!

    But of course an EV driver on a road trip needs so much more preparation than with a conventional car. That's why I've opened a travel journal and although we're not on the road yet, I'm already posting important steps, tips and advice for preparation. How to plan, where to charge, which apps in which country etc.

    Read/follow if interested:

    I can't wait to start the journey!

    What are your experiences? Do you already have a long EV road trip behind you?

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  3. New Member

    Hi Joana, hope you had a awesome trip so far. The map you have on your travel journal: is this the planned route or somehow realtime data? Would like to setup something similar for my next roadtrip.
  4. Dear Renzo, we are still travelling, not even 1/3 done yet.
    The map is real time, so you can see where we are (and where we had been so far).
    I post daily so it will be always up to date.

    Take care, Joana

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