Feeling a bit discouraged. Best EV for growing family w/ cargo needs?

Discussion in 'General' started by PhantomJT, Mar 11, 2021.

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  1. Hi all -

    Newbie here. During the last several weeks I've been researching EVs to purchase for my growing family (me, wife, 1yr baby, possible baby #2). I'm discouraged because it seems there may be no 100% EV option given our cargo needs. I'm hoping there may be some other families on this forum that can share how they've managed and which EV they've purchased. Or, am I stuck purchasing a 100% gas or Hybrid?

    What are other young EV families driving and how are they carting around all of the baby gear?

    My background:
    - Located in GTHA Ontario, so will need to deal with cold winters & warm winters
    - Will commute about an hr to work on the 401 (speeds of aprx 110km/h) 5x/wk
    - I'm 6'2" and prefer not hitting my head on the roof ;)
    - We have a growing family (1yr old and considering baby #2 haha). Trunk space must be able to store stroller and extra bags while having the back seats upright so baby can sit safely in carseat
    - Will get an L2 charger installed in garage at home
    - Have not scheduled a test drive just yet as still in research mode
    - Have considered the Kona, Soul, and Niro Ev but it appears these may not have the greatest cargo space for stroller and bags?

    Thanks in advance,
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  3. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    The Niro has better cargo area than the Kona, that's for sure.

    What's your timeframe - when do you really need a new car, and what's your budget? There are a number of new entries to the EV world that should come available in the months ahead.
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  4. aamyotte

    aamyotte Active Member

    I would say add the Mach-e to the list. With the frunk space, you won't fit a stroller but the diaper bag and other items can fit in there. The bonus is that you can travel with your family in style. In my single days I had a couple of mustangs so this new vehicle is perfect for me (buying in 2023, patiently waiting out my current lease), with the 4 doors, AWD and larger trunk space than a coupe.
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  5. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    The OP is in Canada - availability could be different.

    I am getting the VW ID.4 - supposedly mine will arrive at the dealer in about a week or so. But Canadian deliveries I think are scheduled for the summer.

    Edit: Summer is for the AWD. For just RWD, it might be sooner.
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  6. We don’t have a car now, but will need one mid June once we move. Might be able to wait a month longer and get a rental car in between. Budget is under $60k CND if possible.
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  8. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    The Pacifica PHEV looks to have a lot of interior space. I’ve seen positive owner comments.

    Bob Wilson
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  9. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    You are about a year too early. I would take a look at leasing a new Chevy Bolt or buying a used Chevy Bolt. Coming up are the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Nissan Ariya.

    I doubt if a PHEV will be much of a benefit with the amount of driving you do. If one does a lot of short drives within the battery range, then a PHEV with an electric heater is a good choice.

    I doubt is you will find many if any Ford Mach Es available. There is of course the Model Y Tesla.
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  10. Paul K

    Paul K Active Member

    Owner of 2018 40kwh Leaf S which has been a really great car. If I were to replace my Leaf right now I would go for the Kia Niro. I use my vehicle for small business service and once COVID is behind us the odd gig as a musician so being able to haul around tool boxes, parts boxes or keyboards and speaker cabinets. I have done this with the Leaf but the Niro has even more cargo room plus great range and efficiency even in cold temps.

    BUT, there are a whole slew of new EVs due to hit the market this year. I will probably move the Leaf along later this year while the battery pack is still strong but am waiting to see how the new arrivals stack up. There is a bit of the "Osbourne effect" going on right now in the EV world and I think manufacturers are going to have to take a price haircut if they don't get existing inventory moved out as the new arrivals come on stream.
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  11. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

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  13. Thanks everyone for chiming in. I located a pretty cool video this evening which did a side by side comparison on the 3 cars we were actually considering, which was quite eye opening. Turns out the Kia Soul would be best suited because of the crazy amount of cargo space in the trunk. If you're curious, check it out here:

  14. tribeless

    tribeless New Member

    I'm in a similar boat to you, about the same height, and some of the same needs. I haven't test driven any of the vehicles on your list, so can't really speak to them. However, I've test driven a Tesla Model Y and can tell you it would fit your needs. I'm about 6'3", and head room seemed fine, also no issues getting in or out of the vehicle (my one complaint on the Model 3 is that getting into and out of the car was slightly annoying.) The Model Y also has room in the back for carrying kiddo supplies without having to fold down the rear seat.
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  15. As much as I would love the Tesla Y, it's very much out of my price range. The base cost was averaging out at $71K before tax. If I wanted auto pilot need to add an extra $11K. Ya not happening with a growing family - lol.

    I think we've settled on the (not so sexy looking) Kia Soul EV. Huge amount of cargo space, offers 400+KM with a full charge, and reasonably priced. Once the kids are older and I have no needs for strollers and pack-n-play beds, I can upgrade my ride some something sexier. In a few years the tech will be so different and and options will be even cooler. I'm ok to wait a bit. lol.

    The other day I found this video which compared my top 3 choices, and helped sell me on the Soul. Check it out...

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  16. Keep in mind the Kona screen is now larger @ 10.25" (smaller one shown in the video).
    With that being said, the Kia Soul EV is a great choice considering your growing family.
    There have been many positive reviews and the range should work for your requirements as well.
    On colder days, it may be a benefit if you had access to charging while at work just in case.
    The other major benefit is compared to Y is all the Korean cars qualify for the Federal $5K iZEV rebate;)
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2021
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  17. aamyotte

    aamyotte Active Member

    I don't know if you are familiar with this website. https://www.plugndrive.ca/ They have good information and since you're in Toronto, they have a fleet of EV's that you can test drive. I don't know if they are still offering test drives during the pandemic though.
  18. Believe it or not, it will likely be less than the Mustang Mach-e, whenever the Mach-e actually gets here (I'm in Toronto). A Ford dealer says they have them coming in one-by-one and they go out the door to fill pre-orders, and I won't be able to test drive one until sometime in April, maybe. The ID.4 isn't expected to be available here until August (I put a fully-refundable deposit down on one in early February, when I was told it would be available in a few months, but then I get the paperwork that says "expected delivery" is July 31. Urrgh!)

    Remember that the Soul (either trim package) is eligible for the $5000 Federal rebate (which the Tesla and the Mach-e are not).
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  19. dGarry48

    dGarry48 Member

    This is a great option indeed! I've seen the review and seems it really got a good space.
  20. brulaz

    brulaz Active Member

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