Favorable CNBC review of Clarity

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Johnhaydev, Sep 10, 2018.

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  1. Johnhaydev

    Johnhaydev Active Member


    Quite favorable review. Mention the lack of volume knob and wheel ‘spats’ at the end but in summary really like it.

    Final Thoughts
    It's impossible to argue against the value proposition of the Clarity Plug-in. A family sedan that can fit four adults and their cargo, with all the features you want, for $27,000 is already a steal. But the Clarity also lets you commute all week without burning a drop of gas since it can recharge overnight from a standard 110V outlet.

    That, truly, is the beauty of the Clarity.

    If you want to commute without burning gas but still need to survive an occasional road trip with friends or family, the Clarity Plug-in is the one-car solution. It might not be the prettiest or have the best cabin tech, but it's easily one of the most convenient and practical electrified cars.”
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  3. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    I think the Volt is a very nice looking car, but the Volt and Clarity are two different cars from the comfort and convenient perspective. Saying, "It might not be the prettiest," is subjective and it depends on what you compare it with. I happen to think the Clarity is a very nice looking car. Compared to a Prius Prime I think the Clarity is exceptional. We think the Prius Prime is so ugly my wife only had to look over the outside and peak in the windows before she refused to even get in the car.

    So many people think the spats are ugly and I just don't understand why. I know they are functional, and they are small enough that they don't even protrude low enough to partially cover the wheels. I don't even consider those small spats when I look the car over. They are neither negative nor positive to me. The spats and the front running lights are distinctive enough to help identify other Clarity cars on the road.

    I don't think the sedan buying public understands the value proposition of the Clarity and it's a shame that it doesn't have more exposure. It truly bridges both worlds of an EV around town and a range anxiety free road car.
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  4. Alantn

    Alantn Member

    Have a read at some of the comments and you will see how ignorant people are regarding the Clarity. People sprout FUD as though they have driven and saw the car in real life. Everyone is an expert and know "what's good for the world" from reading an article :)
  5. Crota

    Crota Member

    Yeah, the comments are hilarious. Not understanding the difference between this car and a civic for example saying it gets the same mpg for cheaper. You also get a lot less car. Every person who has seen my car says it is an amazing car for the price. I even had family say "why not a tesla" ona road trip whem they couldnt take their Tesla because of range anxiety. I realized, dont try to convince, just educate and they might reach the same conclusion.
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  6. leehinde

    leehinde Active Member

    wow; the comments....
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  8. Alantn

    Alantn Member

    This is a great video on PHEV: . Clarity is mentioned as one of the transitional vehicles.
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  9. Jordan

    Jordan Member

    Those comments are quite entertaining.
  10. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    I owned one of these. Just sayn'
    Mine was a beige color without those great looking wheels. I was just a teenager. Of course I loved the car. The spats were no big deal. Spats or wheel covers were a fad back then.
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  11. qtpie

    qtpie Active Member

    Clarity is not the first "green" car with rear wheel covers. I've recently found another electric car called "Think City EV" with similar rear wheel covers. I don't think this car in Production anymore.


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  13. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Nine years before the Think City (which was produced from 2008-2011 according to Wikipedia), the Insight:

  14. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    And 4 years before the Insight, the GM EV-1


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