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Discussion in 'General' started by bwilson4web, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Having visited the Manchester TN, Electrify America station, I was curious about Combined Charging System (CCS). I soon learned there are two versions:
    • 80 kW - CCS 1.0 (~320 EV miles per charge hour)
    • 350 kW - CCS 2.0 (~1400 EV miles per charge hour)
    I can already see a problem with fast and faster charging car arriving. My BMW i3-REx is limited to 50 kW. But I could arrive and find only one 350 kW free. So I plug in and take a potty break. While occupied, one of the lower speed stations comes free and a high power vehicle arrives. Rather than rejoice at getting 80 kWh, they are pissed because that BMW i3-REx is hogging the higher power station. Worse, I'm paying a premium rate for 350 kW access but only drawing 50 kW.

    Regardless, this morning I found Niki had a similar idea:

    What brings this home is seeing the 2018 Outlander has only a 15 A, 3.3 kW, charger into a 12 kWh battery. This is seriously slow and should be 7.2 kW. Yet the same car has a CHAdeMO plug.

    Bob Wilson
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