Factory fresh Nissan Ariya thorough quality check

Discussion in 'Ariya' started by Domenick, Feb 21, 2023.

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  1. The Out of Spec Detailing channel ease a pretty great video the othe day in which they go all through a factory-fresh Nissan Ariya, with much of the interior still covered in plastics, to check how well it was painted and put together.

    Colton, who hosts the channel, has a great eye for detail and deep knowledge of automotive paint. If you're interested in Ariya, or just like this sort of detailed content, this is a video to watch.

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  3. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Thanks for posting, Domenick. It was worthwhile watching as a reference for the Ariya I purchased. I like the guy's commentary. He's knowledgeable, but let's you have your own opinion.
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  4. Thanks! I truly enjoy watching Colton's videos and I hadn't seen this kind of thorough examination of the Ariya on other channels.

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