Exxon finally ejected from the Dow!

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Aug 31, 2020.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Now just have to drop Chevron and fossil fuel funder JPMorgan. So called 'energy' is 2% of the index now. But that is still way, way too high, anything above 0 is too high. There has been 50 years at least of throwing good money after bad here.

    Fossil fuels replace democracy with un-survivable idiot oligarchy. Can we survive weaponized data bases and nukes and global challenges with the people enslaved and idiots in charge? Fossil fuels destroy and undermine the economy hollowing it out and do so inherantly- its so incredibly obvious off the historical record its simple physics and the off-a-cliff dimishing returns at scale that tech can't possibly fix without obviating the need. Way too much resource in for way too little in return. Its a ponzi on every level and how stupid would a state have to be to continue to support the insitution of investing when the imposition of protected bribery and budding oligarchy blinded investors into this oligarchy enhancing total blindness.
    We have to come back to an honest open society not based on lies and fear and idiot rule by a group of idiot rich people.
    The thing that seems to define the rich generationally is that they are idiots, their only skill becomes bribery and criminality. They are never fit for power, power belongs in the hands of the people, period! Anything else is pure criminality exacting the highests costs humans have ever paid and which are no longer even survivable.

    How many more fossil fuel bailouts like 911 can the US survive. Time to be done with purest case of corporate bilking and welfare in the truest negative sense.

    Fossil fuels even with every cheat of a ponzi and being a system of pure scarcity and austerity inducing total extractive state support still can't compete on cost and never will ever again as they fall further into the rear view mirror. To sustain the ponzi people have to pay more and more for energy without limit. But green is approaching free without limit and any country that has a green economy or even steadily increasing greeness has an insurmountable advantage on cost of goods for export but also domestically and has an advantage in import.

    It is so important that these FF firms get dropped from benchmark indexes and then delisted because a lot of their ridiculous political support or most of it comes from investors who were duped into investing and the cognitive dissonance of having to defend the worst of choices and the guilt of it.

    The "energy industry is in shambles." Of course it is! Not having a right to exist (there is no right to exploit or agress) is part of it but it
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