Extremely Poor Tesla Model 3 Quality and Experience

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by ven cho, Dec 31, 2019.

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  1. ven cho

    ven cho New Member

    This is just to let everyone be aware of the poor quality Tesla Model 3 has:
    Severe Vehicle QUALITY Problem my car has at 1 year, 15,000 miles:

    1). Vehicle shutdown and stop operating DURING DRVING in the middle of the road, Was informed motor damaged at only 15,000 miles. (Elon announce can last 500,000 miles for the motor, what a joke!!)

    2). Monitor console blackout DURING DRIVING

    3). Power reduced error DURING DRIVING

    4). Monitor console glitches during car startup

    5). Rear trunk close issue - 3 fix attempts in total from Tesla Delivery center and service center, and after 1 year still not perfect

    6). Driver side door close issue

    7). Multiple backup camera black screen issues
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Where is this car?

    What specific variant?

    For example, mine is a Standard Range Plus Model 3 built in March 2019 now with 16,474 mi. The only problem I've had is hitting a curb hard and I'm fixing it.

    Bob Wilson
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  4. Mike Mansker

    Mike Mansker New Member

    You're under warranty. Make a service appointment or 3.
  5. Paulla Weddle

    Paulla Weddle New Member

    1)I agree with you on the poor quality, poor experience and poor service and response. I have driven quality cars my entire life, and had never had as many problems as this car. I have had many of the same problems as you have.
    2)Including "frunk" opening and closing problems.
    3) Also, having to schedule online and NEVER being able to speak to a person is unbelievable!
    4) My brakes are embarrassingly loud, and have been for about a year. About the 3rd time I took it in, they finally said, "that's the way it is". Their "fix" is to regularly slam on the brakes for a sudden stop to "clear" off something that builds up. This is ridiculous!! Dangerous, difficult, AND causes everything in the car to fly forward.
    5) Now the car has started making louder and louder creaking noises - extremely distracting and irritating. Also, scary - what does this mean? Is something going very wrong?
    6) Between the loud brakes and the loud creaking sounds, it is embarrassing to be driving this car!
    7) Earliest appointment 3 weeks!!!
    8) And, when you take the car in, all they offer you is Uber credits! I have had a very scary experience with Uber, and it is very inconvenient with the various driving needs I have. Every other car I have owned has had some kind of loaner. I don't care what kind, just something that allows me to get around while they have my car. Is that too much to ask?!
  6. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    My March 26, 2019, Std. Rng. Plus Model 3 has been perfect. Battery range is 236 mi from initial 240. Still getting excellent mileage.

    Bought autopilot and full self driving. Favorite trick is to summon car with dogs inside. I tell people my dogs have learned to fetch the car to me.

    Took a 1,980 mi trip two weeks ago through the winter storms and it cost $60 in EV charges.

    So, are your Tesla for sale? Models? Options?

    Bob Wilson
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2020
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  8. ven cho

    ven cho New Member

    Same experience as me!!! I bet you will never the poor quality and service Tesla can provide. The other cheapest car would be far more better!!!
  9. ven cho

    ven cho New Member

    One more example that best tell the whole situation I'd like to add: If you look at your user manual, regarding the arbitration process, the first step is to write email to an account called resolution@tesla.com. but guys, they never reply you!!!!!!
  10. ven cho

    ven cho New Member

  11. ven cho

    ven cho New Member

    They resolve some major problems under warranty, but they reject other minor things, claiming that is out of warrant...

    Understand now why most consumer stick to cars with at least half centuries history.... New staff like Tesla is still TOO YOUNG in all ways. Fancy staff cost you!!!!
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  13. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Curious as I'd ordered mine February 28, 2019 when Musk announced the $35k Model 3. Do you still have your Monroney sticker that shows the date of manufacture:

    Bob Wilson
  14. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    All the problems you cite should be fixed under warranty, if you only have 15,000 miles on the car. Your apparently exaggerated claims, plus your outright obvious FUD about the motor failing, makes it look very much like you're just a FUDster who's here to post anti-Tesla propaganda and pravduh, in an attempt to tear down the good name of a company genuinely trying to make the world a better place. The fact that you've got another Tesla basher backing you up isn't helping your forum credibility, either. That looks like coordinated Tesla bashing of the sort promoted by the TslaQ cultists.

    Now, if there is any truth to your claims that Tesla hasn't fixed your problems despite repeated attempts, then you absolutely should pursue a "lemon law" case and get a refund from Tesla, so you can buy a car that you'll like better. Posting exaggerated claims here isn't going to help you any. A Model 3 drive unit failing and needing to be replaced, is believable. That does happen. Claiming the motor itself is damaged, simply isn't. However, I suspect that the Model 3 you "own" is every bit as imaginary as the problems you cite.

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  15. ven cho

    ven cho New Member

    No, I do not have that, mine was ordered online and picked up at Fremont center, I never see that with my order.
  16. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    Isn't there a sticker on the drivers side door opening that shows the date of manufacture?
  17. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I posted the same thing but then noticed you'd already asked the question.

    Photo below isn't a Tesla car, but...
  18. Roy_H

    Roy_H Active Member

    I believe Tesla has two assembly lines at Fremont, one higher automated in the building and a second manual assembly in the tent. I suspect the tent built cars are inferior. I am concerned that Model Y is now being assembled in a new tent next to the Model 3 tent.
  19. CPark

    CPark New Member

    Tesla service seem to be totally overwhelmed. I try to fix my windshield w 2 service centers. 1) Couldn't guarantee the work to be done on the day even if i dropped off the car in the morning and didn't offer any loaner. 2) Second service center said, they don't do any body work including replacing windshield. 3) Finally found another center and the cost was astronomical for windshield replacement but was able to do the service. All this took me close to a month of making multiple appointments. Plus, safelight can't repair the windshield since they generally can't get the parts from Tesla.

    I still like the car but as the car gets older. I do worry about having further service issues on the car.
    Plus with cold temp, I am starting to hear creeks from the glass roof. Probably should have it checked out.
  20. marshall

    marshall Active Member

    That's not surprising since Tesla is pushing production. The good news is that they are trying to add more service centers.

    Not sure why you needed to make multiple appointments. And yes, definitely get the glass roof checked out.

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