Extreme low economic efficiency of petrol creates untenable strategic disadvantage for states

Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Green energy is sustainable with a desirable 80% consensus economic efficiency (see Rifken's Zero Marginal Cost Society)

    The energy comes to you
    You don't have to pay for the energy itself
    Its generally solid state
    Its made out of sand
    It doesn't eat land it can sit on a roof top inconspicuous or even aesthetically pleasing
    It doesn't add anything like heat pollution of petrol
    Intermittency and scale issues resolved
    Prices and costs are already radically lower almost everywhere than petrol- parity was a while back
    It has totally predictable flat cost curves across multiple decades- petrol not even months
    It's on a Moore's law of cost improvement unlike petrol which has hit a permanent floor solar in particular it will get thousands of times cheaper.
    Unlike petrol its unlikely to face a collapse brought on by: autonomous electric peers/ green
    being cheaper than the cost of transmission even across superconducting lines/ climate
    It decentralizes and hardens against disaster.
    Its clean
    Its the proper match for autonomy and peer services
    It complements adaption to climate damage (caused by petro) i.e., solar desalinization
    proximate to snow pack loss.
    Green is in demand and favored by the public.

    By contrast petrol is a untenable strategic disadvantage for states due to having to constantly subsidize petrol fuel/energy and bail it out because of low economic efficiency (13% consensus) which in turn comes from having to:

    Find it
    Fight for it
    Let it eat land
    Defend it
    Extract it
    Ship it
    Refine it
    Store it
    Ship it again
    Retail it
    Drive it around
    Combust it
    Absorb its super high depreciation rate on equipment
    Let it poison your water
    Let it poison your food
    Let it poison your air
    Let it poison your climate with heat pollution and blanketing effects
    Let it poison your industry- think of the drug industry
    Absorb the costs of the health damage including cancer and cardio vascular disease
    Let it poison you politics, its property model is idiotic and terror inducing
    Let is overhead with subsides and bailouts (typically disguised as wars and defense spending) poison our
    public sector by hollowing it out.
    Let it destroy your financial sector with its unpredictable supply and routine collapses
    Let it poison your media over hiding all this non viability
    Let it wear out your population with its resource intensive verticality and sub threshold
    Suffer a constant state of war and existential threats over population climate displacements
    Its price manipulations are used to protect the wealthy from deflation at the expense of
    everyone else.
    Corrupts foreign policy.

    Its low economic efficiency puts economies at an untenable strategic risk against the inevitable green replacements as the green replacements are so much more efficient and resource sparing and stable in their predictable returns which in turn creates stranded assets and stokes corrupting behavior by petrol interests over stranded assets like tampering with pension i.e., using pensioners pensions as shields in part to dilute the retributive debt over displace populations, but in part to cushion their fall- steal pensions when damage occurs to petrol as a hedge, petrol is a horrid investment no pension should have anything in petrol- so add loss of retirements as well a cause of domestic unrest and instability. Why would any pension invest in firms that law or economic viability due to economically stranded assets will wipe out 2/3s of the assets on their balance sheets- or worse.

    Petrol is built out and at scale with mature technology and there has been little to no improvement in a long time and there are no foreseeable improvements to the tech, certainly none that will be meaningful, a joke for instance to think that AI tech would rehabilitate petrol vice completely reinforcing its obsolescence accelerating the onset of its permanent collapse.

    Petrol faces a regulatory environment aimed globally at eliminating it. Whether you think the sun is heating up or there is some other climate cycle the risk associated with petrol profit and politics is a greater risk- global nationalization would be preferable but it would risk keeping the petrol fuel/energy industry alive in anything but a nascent form.

    It has no good will, the public blames it for almost everything and wants to be free of it, its basically a democracy destroyer that adds substantially to the amount of hours people work each day- a big part of the reason we are working double what we worked outside the nest before language and tools.

    None of these issues with petrol is anymore fixable than delusions like clean coal and trying to fix it makes it even less efficient when its already a totally non-viable economic basket case that cannot survive without increasing subsides and increasingly destabilizing massive bailout outs each of which socializes costs through austerity to the point of hollowing out the public sector and creating true oppressor state environments where the rich directly tax the poor beyond current attempts supported by supply side sponsored media where they try to lower wages while increasing product prices.

    Its totally obsolete against a total replacement competitor that is also green.

    Petrol across its life would be like someone as a young person who insisted on drinking nothing but Vodka as the only liquid they would consume. In the early days they might be able to hide the effects but soon its divorces and DUIs and bankruptcies and maybe homelessness before needing a liver transplant to survive and early death preventable only if the person for instance drops the vodka and takes up water. A green economy is like a young person that chooses to drink only water as the only liquid they will consume. Health improves. Solar plus battery mimics what plants do. The problem with petrol is it had un unsustainable economic threshold built in that later became a political externality that was considered a feature for control and forcing a kind of political stability, i.e., the same kind of pusher model as co intel pro, same ideology behind petrol dollar- slavery had barely ended in real terms at that time this was/is slavery part two.
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