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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by GetClarity, May 27, 2018.

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  1. GetClarity

    GetClarity New Member

    No matter you opinion on the rear wheel covers, it's got to be fair to say the design aspect is more about function than form and somewhat polarizing.

    Building a new Touring in white online, it seems the chrome door trim exterior accessory helps tie the front of the car to the back, muting the wheel cover design element a bit. Rear splash guards might help round out the rear wheel-wells.

    Does anyone have any pictures of these or other exterior accessories like the spoiler installed? Did you purchase them at the dealer and have them install? Opinions on the best accessory (or accessory + color combo)? It tend to prefer the beige leather which I only like for Platinum White (versus green or maroon), but have concerns about keeping the faux suede clean and also think Solar Silver is nice for the vehicles aesthetics.
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  3. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    I have the Platinum White and like it but it does make the wheel pants (and other styling flares) more noticeable vs. the darker colors. That doesn’t matter to me. Don’t think the splash guards do much for aesthetics since they are minimalist and not very noticeable.

    I also share your concerns over keeping the beige faux suede dash and door skins clean in the long run. I found that Scotchguard works without altering the color or texture and used that liberally. Time will tell how good that works.

    And I’ve seen the spoiler and IMHO it’s just cosmetic froufrou and looks like it would hurt not help the aerodynamics. I wouldn’t waste my money on it.
  4. Kendalf

    Kendalf Active Member

    One exterior mod I'm considering is painting the plastic wheel trim black (like on the Clarity FCV). It helps make the wheels look much sleeker.
    I do have to say that the chrome trim on the FCV does look nice. However, the effect is less noticeable on the white.
  5. ncatoffice

    ncatoffice New Member

    I have spoken to a couple of people who apply vinyl wraps. Not too many ideas from them yet, but I am meeting one this coming week who also helps with design. So, I'll see what I can do with Vinyl wraps to mute the wheel cover. If we have some people on this forum with good design skills and skilled in photo editing tools, a few good ideas would be appreciated :)
  6. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I've been driving Honda Insights with full rear wheel covers for 19 years. Our Clarity's rear wheels appear so exposed it's almost indecent!
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  8. Tailwind

    Tailwind Active Member

    Heck, have the wrap design make the wheel well appear to be round. That will take care of the esthetics. lol

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