Experience with deliberately delaying a delivery?

Discussion in 'Model Y' started by JlsPalms, Aug 31, 2022.

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  1. JlsPalms

    JlsPalms New Member

    Who has delayed their delivery? What was the process like and how long could you delay before Tesla completely cancelled your order?

    Ordered a MYLR in September of 2021. Blue exterior, white interior, no other options. Los Angeles area. Latest deliver estimate is Sep-Oct 2022. I'm trying to delay it to January 2023 to get the $7500 tax credit. How can I do this without Tesla cancelling? I had the idea to get a PO Box in a far flung state like Alaska, then update my address in the Tesla account to that address. Not sure if that would do anything. Contract language says I have 30 days.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Sailing Tim

    Sailing Tim New Member

    When I placed my order for a Model Y LR, I was told delivery Q1 2023. Then it updated to Dec 5 - Dec 30 2022. Great! Then it updated it to Nov 25th to Dec 1st and I have VIN. HS that's next week!

    Unfortunately I had a leg surgery, after I got a VIN and before delivery. So I cannot drive for many weeks. I was able to call my Tesla contact and they spoke to their delivery manager. They were able to put the car on hold to Dec 1st. So on Dec 1st the hold will be removed and I will go back into the deliver cycle process. I was told this is only a 1-time thing. If I can't accept the car when there is a new delivery date my order will be cancelled. So lets hope I have a speedy recovery and can use my right leg to drive soon!
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