Ex-Rivian Exec questions Rivian's culture & price, safety and delivery for 2021

Discussion in 'Rivian' started by John G., Nov 5, 2021.

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  1. John G.

    John G. New Member

    I just read what Laura Schwab, ex-Rivian vice president of sales and marketing for Rivian said according to her disturbing lawsuit against the the company, and would like to know what others who pre-ordered may think about this?

    Schwab said she’d warned that vehicle sales would lead to losses because they were “underpriced,” manufacturing needed to be “refined” before promising a safe vehicle to consumers and that a company statement in a regulatory filing that 1,000 vehicles would be delivered in 2021 wasn’t achievable, according to her complaint.

    This is the first time I've heard of how many vehicles Rivian has planned to deliver next year. And even if they can deliver ONLY 1,000 safe vehicles for 2021...that seems like such a paltry number!

    Here's a link to the article which has appeared in several different media:

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