Ex post facto prosecution of climate criminal politicians?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Brown has said the T. Admin has declared war on America and humanity.
    German judges are calling for the prosecution of German politicians that do not uphold climate laws apparently including the governor of the largest German state.

    A couple things seem to play into this analysis. One crucial point is that its not generally a disagreement on the science or risk its just that these people believe in a right to exploit other people or a people as property model and place their personal greed and status above the survival of humanity to include future generations. It appears to be pure psychopathy but its also doing massive harm and doing it willingly and knowingly and in a way calculated for forfeit or end other people's lives (most or all people's lives) for personal gain. Its beyond attempting to overthrow a legitimate government to install a tyranny or it amounts to the same at a minimum. The right to exploit is a arbitrary right to murder pure and simple. If notions of treason were to play into it it would be treason against humanity- if that makes sense or the worst kinds of crime against humanity as it for instance massively increases the risk of nuclear war.

    It requires a Nuremberg type trial and solution. If a state has a death penalty this would be an excellent use of it. Can't stand the idea of states being allowed to extinguish people but if the mechanism is in place this might be its most just use. Makes sense that there would be no exceptions for status as the more powerful the politician the greater the magnification of the damage and greater culpability.

    Now ex post facto laws are slippery slope terrible ideas as they undermine the whole culture of law, but here its not really ex post facto its attempted mass murder and the profit motive and personal gain do not mitigate but radically aggravate and provide motive.
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