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Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by Daniel Santos, Dec 13, 2020.

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  1. Happy to announce the EV Watchdog Free App (Android only) has just been published.

    Following the PHEV Watchdog App (which supports the Outlander PHEV, Kia Niro PHEV, Kia Optima PHEV and Hyundai Ioniq PHEV) and after some requests I've decided to create a new Android (only) monitoring App for Kia and Hyundai EV models.

    Watchdog is a complete monitoring App, it does not only extract and display info provided by the car systems in real time but creates more stats and analysis and keeps track of everything by storing historical data in it's internal database.

    Here a couple of screenshots of the live monitoring screens (or where you see the info while driving)

    The App keeps track in a list of the battery condition (changes in SoH and SoC). And you'll get one card for every changes seen (screen on the left). From each card (one tap) you'll have access to the details of the recorded state (right screen).

    You can get the App from playstore here:

    And be sure to check the FAQ on the website:

    Also if you're in facebook please join the Facebook group for the App:

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  3. v1.3 now available in two versions:

    The existent free ad based version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ev.watchdog
    And a new premium paid version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ev.watchdog.full

    List of extended features of the premium version here: https://evwatchdog.net/app.php

    Changes for v1.3

    Free version:
    • Minimum supported API level raised to 16 (Android 4.1 Jelly Bean)
    • App's folder migration to Download folder (required for targeting API30)
    • Added file debugging
    • Added autostart prompt options
    • Fixed negative temperature values
    • Fixed freezing when starting live data from the cells chart screen
    • Several other bug fixes ands adjustments

    • Premium version, all the above plus:
    • Added notifications for cell voltage
    • Added average line for charts
    • Added Charge X Time and Temperature X Time charts
    • Fixed linear distance for near by stations

    FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ev.watchdog/
    Website: https://evwatchdog.net
    FAQ: https://evwatchdog.net/help/faq.php
  4. v1.4 now available

    Changes for v1.4
    • fixed cost for kwh not parsing
    • fixed max temperature display (was showing min)
    • fixed pack size (39/64kWh) recognition for Kauai/Niro
    • upgraded db to v5
    • added edit cost kwh for trip card
    • added set cost kwh backwards for settings option
    • several other fixes and adjustments

    Premium version, all the above plus:
    • added NearBy screen autoupdate option
    • added sync data option

    Biggest change is for the premium version where the sync data option is now available.

    In order to sync data to the web server do as follows (see attached screens):
    1. activate the option in the settings menu,
    2. agree data uploading,
    3. go to the website sign up page (blue link in the dialog box) and register there providing your NetId code that was copied to the clipboard by the App.
    4. verify your email.


    Then from the App make sure you are connected to a data network and hit the "Sync Now" option in the App's menu to force to send the data on normal usage this is actually not necessary as the App will try to sync several times by itself during operation).
    Now log in to the website: https://evwatchdog.net, fill any missing info in your profile, read and agree with the terms and you're in. You should see all your data there plus other interesting graphical and tabular analysis.

    FAQ here: EV Watchdog Android monitoring App - FAQ

    And be sure to join the dedicated fb group where I share all the developments: Facebook Groups
  5. v1.5 now available
    • Changed capacity calculation for battery card (now uses nominal voltage)
    • Upgraded db to v6
    • Added "Go!" button in charging station details for Maps*
    • Added charging mode
    • Added glide and regenerative braking distance
    • Several fixes and adjustment for charts screen*
    • Several other minor bug fixes and adjustments
    * premium version only

    Added charging mode which shows remaining time (to 100%), charged kWh and instant charging kW

    Added glide and regenerative braking distance

    New "Go!" button in the charging station details which will open Maps and set destination

    More info on the website: EV Watchdog net
    FAQ: EV Watchdog net - Frequently Asked Questions
    Download: EV Watchdog net - Download
    FB group: Facebook Groups
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  6. PJ51-IONIQ-EV-2018

    PJ51-IONIQ-EV-2018 New Member

    Hallo Daniel,
    After buying the Premium version of the EV Watchdog app, the customer is able to register and create an account.
    The NetID has to be filled in.
    This NetID should be copied to the clipboard.
    Problem: there is no sign of message about this NetID.
    So the account cann't be created.
    How can this problem been solved?
    I hope you can help me asap.
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  8. Hello.

    See post #3 the procedure is described there or contact me to my email: [email protected] and I'll be happy to guide you.

    Best regards.
  9. New release available on playstore (v1.6)

    • Fixed glide and regen calculation.
    • Fixed initialization sequence and forced OBD2 messages ordering.
    • Fixed data file logging.
    • Added preferred consumption and charge units.
    • Added support for KIA eSoul (experimental).
    • Added live data sync to server in charging mode (experimental).
    • Added multi-series charts.
    • Added new charts.
    • Added live data sync to website while charging.
    You can now (premium users) follow remotely the charge through the website
    If in charging mode the App will now sync battery data to the website (if the "sync to website" option is checked).

    I'm still developing the page but it's already very functional (select the battery icon then the "live data tab":

    More info on the website: EV Watchdog net
    FAQ: EV Watchdog net - Frequently Asked Questions
    Download: EV Watchdog net - Download
    FB group: Facebook Groups
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  11. Happy to announce release v1.8 (Free and Premium) is now available throught Google's playstore.

    You can find the differences between both versions and download links in the following page: EV Watchdog Android monitoring App

    Took sometime to publish, modifying the App to support the new Android scoped storage (Android 10+) was quite an effort. But it's working now

    And here's the list of complete changes.

    • Added support for MG ZS EV Asian model
    • Added support for Hyundai Ioniq 5
    • Added actual battery condition card
    • Added scoped file storage support for Android 10 and above
    • Improved the battery size recognition for Hyundai Kona/KIA eNiro
    • Improved consumed/regenerated counters (uses now effective loss/gain)
    • Fixed battery map for Ioniq 38kWh
    • Fixed battery map for MG ZV ES
    • Fixed consumption in trip details
    • Several other minor fixes and improvements
    • Added Aux Battery 12V chart
    • Minor changes to Main Screen layout (to support Ioniq 5)
    • Fixed TripLog files
    • Fixed Charts not resetting
    • Fixed battery live data
    • Several other minor fixes and improvements
    FB Group: Facebook Groups
    FAQ: EV Watchdog Android monitoring App
  12. Just added a new feature on the website (for Premium users).
    The Trip Mapper (that's the loupe icon on the navigation box on the right).
    You'll need a TripLog... file produced by enabling the Data Logging option of the App (files are save under the Download\EVWatchdog\trips folder).
    Just upload the file and see the magic!

    Important: it should be a TripLog... file generated by the latest version (v1.8) of the App.

  13. EnerG

    EnerG Active Member

    Daniel, is there a chance that you'd be able to build this as an Android Auto compatible app and viewable while driving ?
  14. Android Auto requires that the App to be in one of the following categories to be approved:
    - Media apps
    - Messaging apps
    - Navigation, parking, and charging apps

    Unfortunately the Watchdog App does not qualify in any.
  15. v1.9 now available!
    • Added support for Ioniq 5 RWD 58kWh.
    • Upgraded charts (Premium)
    • Added cells voltage and cells histogram charts (Premium)
    • Removed cells voltage map (Premium)
    • Several other fixes and improvements.
    So the cells voltage map is now gone for the Premium App (and should be removed from the Free App on a future release) it was becoming unreadable and useless for the latest EV models with almost 2000 cells. I've then redone the charts and added a cells voltage bar chart and histogram which should be a better tool to check the status of the battery pack.


    FB Group: Facebook Groups
    FAQ: EV Watchdog Android monitoring App
  16. Markus Törnqvist

    Markus Törnqvist New Member


    My interest as a Hyundai Ioniq 2020 owner is mainly driven by preferring a wifi adapter over a bluetooth one, and EV Watchdog actually lists a wifi module as supported!

    Feature-wise, didn't really catch this in the screenshots, can the app ask the car for its charging history? Like "when, odometer, start-and-end battery charge and percentage" type readouts?

    Things like live-tracking and cloud syncing aren't really important to me, just the charging history and current health statuses, so are the simpler battery-history reports (if available at all) and current SoH info available in the Lite version?

    Thanks for offering what seems like a more modern alternative to Soul EV Spy!

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