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Discussion in 'General' started by AlphaBravo37, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. AlphaBravo37

    AlphaBravo37 New Member

    As part of my MBA project, I am gathering some data from potential customer's of Electric Vehicles (EV) or people who are interested in technology and will be considering to adopt to a greener mode of transportation. Will you please spare 5 mins of your time to complete the questionnaire for this research study.


    Many Thanks for your time and help with this study.
  2. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Another UK centric survey, mild. You will need to convert currency to UK pounds.

    Bob Wilson
  3. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Tried to fill it out but it's only possible for UK residents (who make more than 35,000 Pounds/year).

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