EV range in hilly area?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Lepori, Aug 27, 2018.

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  1. Lepori

    Lepori Member

    Just wondering what other non-flatlanders are getting for EV range. Admittedly I haven't had my car very long, but I've yet to see 47 much less the 50+ that others are reporting. Usually it says 45-46 after charging, but it seems that I drop more than the anticipated mileage with hills. I should probably keep better track. I don't live in the mountains, but driving anywhere involves maybe 400 ft, and we usually go up 1000 ft in a 10 mile round trip once per charge.
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  3. sshams95

    sshams95 New Member

    I live in the Bay area and my commute is short and flat. But the last few days I've had to travel from Pleasanton to San Jose along on 680. I'm experiencing the same behavior as you. I've tried different modes as well. HV uphill plus EV downhill and flats. Another trip was just EV Eco only and ate up mileage pretty quickly.

    In the end...experiment with different modes and then decide what's best. I'm at the point where I've experimented enough and I just want to drive and enjoy the ride.

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  4. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    We are getting EV Range estimates in the 48-52 mile range. We live at 750' elevation but drive around a lot at 500' elevation. The penalty comes at the end of our drives when we climb back from 500 to 750. We can use almost no EV Range after just leaving the house for 5 to 7 miles, then pay the price when returning home.

    Actually with the hills we encounter any time we are out the car does a pretty good job of estimating the EV Range.

    I'm guessing those who live in flat land areas can get much higher estimates and actuals. If I try I can squeeze extra miles out of the range with little effort. But mostly we just drive the car without thinking of these things. After 9 months and 14,000 miles we are just enjoying the Clarity.
  5. neal adkins

    neal adkins Active Member

  6. Kailani

    Kailani Member Subscriber

    The range calculated in the dashboard is an estimate, and will vary in actual use due to myriad factors including temperature, elevation change, climate control use, driving speed, acceleration, and on and on. Elevation change is probably the greatest factor affecting range performance. To see the general effect of this, plug in the address going to/from in an EV estimator such as. https://evtripplanner.com/planner/2-8/. Although it can’t calculate the range for Clarity you can substitute the Leaf, for example, and see the impact for an elevation change either up or down and upon which direction you are going. It’s a physics thing…
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  8. stacey burke

    stacey burke Active Member

    I live in colorado with a lot of hills and mountains. I run in HV mode any time on on the inerstate or in mountain driving. Sometimes in the highest passes I use Sport. i Seem to regain much of the EV range using the paddles going down the mountain and it offsets what I have used going up. I never use EV in mountains or interstate.
  9. AaD

    AaD Member

    Our experience makes for a good comparison: for most of the year, my wife's commute has a total elevation change of only 100 ft or so, and she gets in the low to mid 60's of EV range estimated in decent weather. In the summer she commutes in the Berkshire hills, including daily trips up and down 2 ridges and lots of small ups and downs. Out here, EV estimates drop by almost 10 miles over similar speeds. We still get over 50, so no complaints whatsoever.
  10. zbartrout

    zbartrout New Member

    We live at 1800ft and I drive 14 miles to 960ft every morning. Start out full charge 48-50 EV and sometimes get to work with 51-52. Climbing home takes me to about 34-36. I’ve made it round trip three time on one charge. All depends on minimizing braking, acceleration, AC and lights. Paddles can help some, but smart use of the accelerator seems to be the most important.

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  11. zbartrout

    zbartrout New Member

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