EV Motor Power Limited in Cold Weather?

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by irwinr12, Nov 13, 2019.

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    I took a Niro EV out for an extended (overnight) test drive. I'm in Round Rock Texas and the weather today was around 30-35 degrees. I noticed that the Niro had much less acceleration than when I test drove it back in September.

    I left the dealership with 20% SoC. I pulled up the menu that actually displayed how many kW were being consumed by climate control, motor, etc: I noticed that when I first took the car from the dealer the max kW delivered to the motor was only about 90 kW (Out of the 150 kW advertised). I then stopped at an EA station to test out CCS fast charging, and that maxed out at 23 kW. After spending 10 minutes charging at such a slow pace I decided to press on and after that I noticed the max power to the motor had increased to 110 kW.

    Over the course of the day I could not get the Niro EV to offer more than 120 kW of power to the motor. It's supposed to offer 150 kW.

    Comparing that to our 2019 60 kWh LEAF: The LEAF has no trouble delivering the full 160 kW of power to the motor in the same temperatures or at the same SoC. We're strongly considering switching to the Niro for the increased rear legroom, rear vents, faster charging speed, etc. But if cold weather is this hard on the Niro it's going to be tough to justify that switch.

    Is this normal for the Niro EV to limit power in cold weather? Most EVs limit regen and charging on cold batteries, but not power delivery. And you would think driving for a while would quickly get it to deliver the full 150 kW, but it never did.

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