Escalade IQ Teaser

Discussion in 'Escalade IQ' started by Nebula, Jun 20, 2023.

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  1. GM has announced the Escalade IQ will be revealed to the world on: 08.09.2023 at 12 PM
    that's August 9th


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  3. The biggest reveal in this teaser to me is the lighting signature on the fascia. No big surprises, it's got the crest on a crest-shaped grill and strong vertical lines on the outside.

    One other detail that got my attention was the seeming very short front overhang. It's generally a good thing for road cars to have the wheels pushed to the corners.


  4. BahamaTodd

    BahamaTodd New Member

    Interesting that the grille light signature is more similar to the Lyriq sport trim

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  5. Likely because this teaser is of the Escalade IQ Sport.

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