Energy Enclosure & Rent Seeking

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 6, 2018.

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    If you think about the the distribution of sunlight on the planet you'll note it is pretty well distributed. The same for air and water. There are of course meaningful differences and not all land is arable or universally useable but in general relative to sun light there is at least this sense that the amount provided for say the spaced that would cover a farm or homestead would surely support all the needs of a family. Efficiently converted it is something like an average of a megawatt per acre. It is enough to provide true material comfort and it is enough so that 100 square miles of current PV cells in say North Texas could replace all the world's energy needs (all forms) provided enough distributed local batteries and superconducting transport lines. But the point is that on a roof top basis or by extension the land that would cover a homestead there is enough energy to live comfortably without adding much if any heat pollution and without accruing dangerous amounts of energy.

    Somehow that doesn't seem accidental to me. And yet Buckmister Fuller was saying they'd meter the wind if they could but that what we really should have is 6 billion billionaires (old quote) living in perfect ecology. And if anyone had thought this through it was Fuller.

    Nature, with current tech gave us what we need. If you have issues with water you can use a solar powered aqua foil or desalinator. But the situation we live in is one where people try to use enclosure of otherwise evenly distributed resources in conjunction with money (something often wrongly used to try to control or subjugate others) to create a situation akin to plastic water (bottled water) enclosure. You have rain water falling on your property but you're not allowed to capture it. You have a well and a fresh water lake on your property but you're not allowed to tap them. No, you have to buy water contaminated by petrol plastic shipped by petrol truck across the country and you have to do this for the political and economic benefit of self-appointed rent seeking parasites that were long ago paid off for anything remotely like a contribution. You may even have municipal water but it will be getting more and more expensive while becoming more contaminated because the petrol water people are trying to get you to buy more of their scam while lobbying the sponsored politicians that are supposed to represent you but that were purchased by them. We are literally deposing a hereditary monarchy type situation.

    This is why Tesla is so great in its direct approach to energy and its providing direct access to something with better economics than mature hot fusion. It is an enclosure destroyer and a freedom provider. In fact you could say it perfected hot fusion. No more games where people say only the sun energy they claim to have dug out of the ground on property they own can be used by you. They've either been paid off long ago or can get their own home stead and their own robots instead of human slaves or human wage slavery. Energy enclosure needs to become a crime because that is what it is. No more of them taxing your time. When the 07 melt down happened one of the white male Manhattan-ites was on the radio furiously proclaiming that the average person could take 3 jobs to at half the wage to support his non-contributing excuse for a person- better that this person be in jail than anything like that ever remotely happen again. Clearly he thought that other people were his property his chattel nor more than live stock- a true menace to society. Need to make sure energy can never be used again to make people prostitute themselves or do anything they otherwise wouldn't do for money. What we must do is radically reduce the value of capital (defunct as it is) to increase the value and dignity of human life, so that people can grow up strong enough to carry out the civic responsibilities of being aware and having a voice.
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