Enabling Bluelink in non-supported countries

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Ohad Benita, Feb 12, 2022.

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  1. Ohad Benita

    Ohad Benita New Member

    Hi everyone, thanks for having me here :)

    I've ordered the 2022 Kona EV (39KWh) a few days ago.
    As I live in Israel and Bluelink isn't supported for some reason I'd like to ask whether there's any way to enable Bluelink?

    Additionally, is there any way to enable support for Wireless Apple Car Play?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. Ginginova

    Ginginova Active Member

    Usually there is no Bluelink telematics module built in for not supported markets. So there is nothing to enable.
    For wireless car play or android auto everybody is hoping this can be made in software during one of the future navigation/infotainment software releases.
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  4. Ohad Benita

    Ohad Benita New Member

    About Bluelink, that's a shame :-( - I thought there could be some kind of a hardware add-on that could be fitted to enable this functionality in non-supported countries.
  5. Ginginova

    Ginginova Active Member

    Theoretically possible as this is a separate module, but never heard of any country where they officially supported retrofitting existing cars for Bluelink.
    Beside module being in the car and coded to work, VIN also needs to be entered into Hyundai "cloud" part to be able to work.
  6. gmentsh

    gmentsh New Member

    באסה .... אני רוצה לחבר אותה ל
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  8. As a shot in the dark and certain to miss you could enter the engineering mode on the media unit and try setting the telmetics "on". You'll have to research yourself how to do this and it may have a password. Check YouTube.
    My Kona was configured for the Irish market and I suspect may have had a module fitted even if it's useless. I was able to set telematics 'on' and initiate a test which shows an icon of a phone handset lifted. It didn't finish, presumably because no one answered, or the credentials were invalid.
  9. They're promising Bluelink for the OZ market with the 2023 model but not available yet. Apple Car play is also by USB only.

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