Elon dished details on Model 3 AWD and Performance variants

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by Domenick, May 20, 2018.

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  1. Tesla CEO Elon Musk spilled lots of details on the Performance version of the Model 3 on Twitter last night.

    Specs are below, but I got very excited to learn that they are using silicon carbide transistors in the inverter. They are more efficient, and so create less heat. Also more heat resistant than regular MOSFETS, but I don't know if that advantage comes into play here.

    He also confirmed many suggestions that the rear motor is a sort of switched reluctance motor. Quote: "switched reluctance, partial permanent magnet"
    Not exactly sure how its performances differs from the AC induction motors they've used in their other cars, as well as the front of the model 3.

    Regarding the motors, he also said, "Performance drive units are lot sorted for highest sigma output & get double the burn-in." Now, I'm not sure what that first part (sigma output?) means, though I suspect the second part is talking about spinning the motor up for a while right after manufacture.

    AWD: 0-60 to 4.5 seconds
    140 mph top speed
    Add $5,000

    Performance: 0-60 to 3.5 seconds
    155 mph top speed
    Price without Autopilot $78,000
    (also comes with 20" wheels, carbon fiber spoiler, and B&W interior. Possibly special paint included.)

    We've also seen what the tuxedo Model 3 interior will look like. Initially only for Performance, but will come to others in 43 to 4 months ET (Elon time).
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