Electrovair ll

Discussion in 'Chevrolet' started by Aircooled6, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Aircooled6

    Aircooled6 New Member

    What do the Electrovair ll and the 1966 Monza have in common. (Spoiler alert, I know )
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  3. Not sure if it helps answer your question, but here is a nice little video featuring the Electrovair II.

  4. Aircooled6

    Aircooled6 New Member

    My '65 Monza 4-door looks just like that except it is Sierra Tan exterior (a brownish gold color) and has Saddle color interior (a 110 hp - 2 carb; (also came in 140 hp 4 carb, and 180 hp turbo) 2 speed Powerglide transmission, with A/C. I drive it monthly. Rear engine placement, four wheel independent suspension, the same rear suspension geometry as the 62-74 Vet, low center of gravity and unibody construction make it a superior handling car. Oh, and Ralph Nadar was wrong and his book was written before the 2nd gen Corvair like mine was produced

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