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  1. It seems it's only valid in USA, not in Canada...
  2. That sounds pretty good, actually. That's about what the EVGO and Chargepoint chargers cost here in Maine, and those are 50 and 62kw. Paying 35c/min for a faster charge would be great. It's half the price of the previous EA pricing. Sure you would pay a few cents less if you were charging a Bolt, but then you'd have to drive a Bolt!
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  3. Exactly, has shouldn't be subsidized as much as it is here in the US.
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    For comparison, when I was passing through Baker, California in January, I paid $0.246 per kWh. No tax, time, monthly-subscription, or session fees. This EVGo station had 6 stalls including 50W, 175W, and 350W options. That theoretical 400 mile trip using 105 kWh would cost $25.87 - slightly cheaper than Tesla and better than my peak home rates (especially considering much lower charging losses using DC vs. AC). My stops at EA were ridiculously expensive on that same trip - something like $0.69 per kWh average and $72 for same 400 mile trip. My 25 mpg ICE would have been cheaper (gas prices here are still $3) at only $48. When will EA switch to per-kWh rates in California?
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    I really like Greenlots pricing. Their pricing varies from place to place. Here in FL it'a either free (local Govt Subsidized) or 11.53 cents per kwh which is dirt cheap. In other places the charge .35 per kwh which isn't cheap but not too expensive either. I have also seen them charge a flat rate of $8 per session.. I like that one. The most expensive Greenlots I found was $15 per session. That's only worth it if you charge from 10 to 100%
  6. I'm starting to try to understand all of this. Looks like the cost per kWh at the top charging rate on the 35 cent deal is about $0.33/kWh. But doing a full charge, the charge rate drops off so the price goes up. Has anyone figured the cost per kWh for a full charge as a function of the starting SOC?
  7. For starters, you don't use DCFC to get a full charge. It's better for your battery and your wallet to stop at 70 or 80% (and I believe the manual says to avoid DCFC over 80%).

    The charge rate will taper at 70% and go way down at 80%. If you want need 100% charge, use Type 2. Otherwise, quit at 70%, and drive on to the next pee stop/DCFC. That's the way to minimize charging time on a longer trip (and keep cost down).
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    Also, keep in mind that you may arrive at the EA station with a battery temperature that will not allow the maximum 70+ kW charge rate even at a low SOC %. On my Niro, battery needs to be below 53% SOC and 78+ degrees Fahrenheit before charging rate jumps from 50 something to 70 something kW. You will still be billed per minute no matter your actual charge rate
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  10. It would be nice to set this up without the use of a smart phone app as not all of us own one. I would much prefer paying with debit ,credit card, RFID ( pre-pay) and setting up on the Hyundai select premium plan using my home PC.
    Oh and did I mention to include Canada as well?
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  11. It is a plan that is linked to your EA account. That is the only way they can ensure that not everybody signs up for that plan. You can't link it to a credit card. I guess you could sign up on the webpage for your account but it would still be linked to a specific account.
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    I doubt that it would be possible to use that plan without a smartphone.. I don't see how you can communicate your account to the charger.. I don't think that EA has RFID cards. I checked on my app if there is a way to order one but I can't find anything that would indicate that they have RFID cards.. I checked on their website and I can't even find a way to "sign in".. Looks like it's all on their app..
    The chargers do have an RFID reader but based on their website, you need a phone with NFC to use that or you can start charge with the app.. I don't see how anybody without a smartphone could get special rates for their membership plan without a smartphone..
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    This is 100% discriminatory against those without a smartphone, and/or
    those without a google account so they couldn't even obtain the app if
    they owned the platform. At a minimum, EA should let Hyundai/Kia owners
    set up an account and payment method on the website in advance, and
    provide a telephone-based interface of some sort where appropriate info can
    be entered [texted or dialed] to launch a charge. That way users would
    still need a phone, but a dumb one would do. And of course train up the
    support staff to take the same info by voice and start the process if
    necessary, in case other phone mechanisms aren't working.

    People have been using touch-tone based interaction for years and
    sometimes for far more personally-intimate information than a car
    charging account. There's no reason it couldn't be done here. Starting
    a charge should also be doable through an account logged in on the
    website, for the app-challenged smartphone owners. They assume far
    too much about how their user base manages their communications.

    And let's remember that there's no reason EA *has* to only use the
    theoretical maximum to assign tier. The longer they continue to
    cling to that fallacious and dishonest practice the longer they will
    NOT be getting revenue from many of those drivers, and digging
    their own hole of community ill will that much deeper.

    Sorry, their halfass response sounds just as lame and morally
    bereft as a certain individual's response to covid-19.

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  14. You know, I'd say about 80% of American companies and about 95% of the big corporate companies in America give a f**** sh** about customers. I have to call my car insurance company to follow up about a quote. It's their job! They are the ones getting my money. But they don't care.

    However, in this case, just because you don't want or can't use a smartphone for whatever reasons, which for me is ok, doesn't mean they are not trying. I don't know your reasons not to use a smart phone, maybe it's big brother, but you're using a phone. It's just as trackable, you're using text messages, which are pretty much readable to everybody.

    Electrify America didn't have to do this Hyundai deal. But they did, it is now so much better, that I'm happy to use their chargers. Yes, it should be the actual tier 1, but I can use my car now a lot more than I used to a week ago. So I take it and some time in the future it will be even better (hopefully).

    So be grateful for this step and keep advocating for improvement. But this bad mojo about not being able to use a credit card ... Seriously?

    I am sure they could do this over the phone. Then please plug in your car, walk a block to the next payphone, call them and provide them with your credit card number over the phone, as well as with your VIN number, the photo you took in front of the charger to prove that it actually is the same car. After you payed postage to actually send that photo to EA because you don't have a smart phone.

    Just to clarify: (the above paragraph is sarcastic) I get what you're saying, but we also need to be thankful and reasonable as well. Right now they don't seem to have set up a reasonable process of verifying the authenticity of a credit card only transaction with an account. And I can't think of one right now either. Would it be great? Yes, but we have enough bad mojo in this world already.

    Especially right now with people unnecessarily hoarding supplies that others need. This current time brings out the worst in people and I for myself am as happy as possible and take what EA gave me. It's a step in the right direction!

    The pricing is comparable with EVGo but with the possibility of a faster charge speed! That is great!
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  15. A month or two ago I was complaining in all the EA ads on facebook, and so they recently replied to one of my posts as well, telling about the deal.
    Their reply to my question about the expiration date makes me think that this is more like a "promotional rate" like you'd get from the cable company, rather than an actual fix. They're just trying to get more Kona users to try their network at a lower price for 8 months, in hopes that we'll be hooked by December 31st. The way I read it, they have no intention of changing their tiered pricing, and Kona owners will be on the smelly end of the stick again come 2021. I'll still enjoy it while it lasts, but it's a bummer that this looks like it will continue to be a long-term problem.

    Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 4.58.17 PM.png
  16. The California law banning per-minute billing takes effect at the end of 2020 for new equipment after that date. I speculate that they know they'll have to make some changes at least somewhere, and want to head off grumbles if they pull the Hyundai plan as part of that.
  17. They will have to come up with something eventually.
  18. Thanks all for the understanding of no cell phone. The usual response is "everybody has one".
    I agree a prepaid account for me is the best for my situation, as all the other companies(greenlots, chargpoint and FLO (VERnetwork) works for me for years now. I am hopeful BC Hydro also configures their software to do the same when they start to charge $ at all their locations. In speaking with them on several occasions - the ability to pre-pay will be included using my P.C.
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    I have a smartphone, and I have a google account. I also have principles.

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    If they revert back, I will stop using them unless I have no other choice.
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