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    Source: https://elam-cms-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/inline-files/Electrify%20America%20Announcement%20on%20Partial%20Network%20Shutdown%201.25.2019.pdf

    At the recommendation of its supplier, HUBER+SUHNER, a leading supplier of high-powered charging cable technology in the industry, Electrify America is shutting down the majority of its high-powered chargers (150 kW – 350kW) in its network to investigate a potential safety issue with its liquid-cooled cables. The recommendation was issued to all of HUBER+SUHNERS’ customers using the technologyworldwide.

    “The safety of our customers is our highest priority,” said Giovanni Palazzo, presidentand CEO of Electrify America. “Out of an abundance of caution, Electrify America is shutting down all of our stations that use the HUBER+SUHNER high-powered cables until we can confirm that they can be operated safely. We are confident that HUBER+SUHNER will investigate and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”

    Electrify America chargers not affected by the high-power cable issue will remain open and available for use. The 50kW CCS chargers, all CHAdeMO connectors and L2 chargers are not impacted.

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    There is a list of stations and their operational state.

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