Electric vehicle incentives map of the USA — feedback needed

Discussion in 'General' started by Denis EVfanboy, Mar 28, 2019.

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  1. Denis EVfanboy

    Denis EVfanboy New Member


    I would like to share the EV incentives map of the USA.

    I’ve collected the information about current electric vehicle financial and non-financial incentives and created an interactive map.

    The main source is
    However, some incentives there may be missing or outdated.

    Please, let me know if I missed something. Together we will create the most comprehensive and accurate EV incentives map of the USA.
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  3. TheMagster

    TheMagster Member

    Nice work! Some initial thoughts- it is difficult to select Hawaii when viewing it on a phone. Also, it would be cool if you could select one of the legend items at the top and it would highlight all of the states that offer that incentive. So you could quickly see that X number of states offer parking incentives, Y number of states offer rebates, etc. Helpful for researchers and writers especially.

    Thanks for all the hard work you've put into EV Compare, I've been using it and it is quite nice!

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  4. TheMagster

    TheMagster Member

    Also, when zooming in on a phone, I don't see a way to scroll around the map, to focus on the tiny northeastern states for example.

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  5. Denis EVfanboy

    Denis EVfanboy New Member

    Thank you! For this map we are using an external template, which has quite a limited functionality. However, we'll see what we can do to make it more convenient for mobile users.
  6. Denis EVfanboy

    Denis EVfanboy New Member

    Check it out now :)
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  8. TheMagster

    TheMagster Member

    Yes, works now, well done!

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  9. fotomoto

    fotomoto Active Member

    As per my post: https://insideevsforum.com/community/index.php?threads/texas-state-incentive-has-run-out.5187/

    Texas has run out of rebates:
    "The TCEQ has received a sufficient number of applications to award the allocated 2,000 electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles under the Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program, and suspends acceptance of applications for electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles effective Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 5:00 p.m."
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  10. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    The Oregon incentive is not always point of sale. Only a few dealers have signed up (at this time) to participate with "cash on the hood".
    New plug in vehicles with >10 kWh batteries (including PHEV's) qualify for $2,500. Those with less than 10 kWh can get $1,500
    In addition to the requirement for a base MSRP of <$50K, BEV's must have at least 75 miles of range and PHEV's at least 10 miles on the urban portion of the EPA test procedure.
    There is also an additional $2,500 "Charge Ahead" rebate available for low to moderate income (<=120% of median income for the county in which you reside). The Charge Ahead rebate is only available on BEV's, but pre-owned vehicles purchased from a dealer also qualify.
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  11. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    You might consider adding the additional fees (negative incentives?) now becoming common when registering a BEV

    Oregon will charge $110/yr beginning in 2020. Oregon implemented a system in 2018 that charges more efficient vehicles more money - a Prius costs more to register than a Hummer. EV's were exempted until 2020. The logic is to make up for gas tax revenue "lost" when vehicles buy less gas per mile traveled (it does, however, completely ignore the fact that a Hummer causes more wear and tear on the roads than a Prius)
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  13. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    The Washington state emission testing ends January 2020. In addition, emission testing is not required for cars that are less then 10 years old. So not much of an incentive.

    On top of that, Washington state currently charges $150 a year for EV's that have more than 30 miles of electric range, and there is bill in the legislature to add $300 more, that may or may not go anywhere. Clearly a disincentive.
  14. Denis EVfanboy

    Denis EVfanboy New Member

    Thank you, I'll update the map.
  15. Denis EVfanboy

    Denis EVfanboy New Member

    It looks like we'll have to create a separate EV disincentive map of the USA :)

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