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Discussion in 'General' started by ruisvensson, Sep 12, 2018.

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  1. I want not break the community rules, but I need help.

    I have a project for mount an electric motorhome, where the energy come from a set of panels on roof (5 fixed, 10 on 2 sliders opening when parked); when need recharge I search some good place for wait 8-12 hours.

    But my project is stopped, the situation here in brazil is getting hard to arise the money.

    So, I want sell the whole plans of the project; I will send a set of detailed plans for whom pay me only U$40.

    With the money, I will launch a marketing campaign for my SF book, so when I get about $120k I will begin the project; when finished I will publish a video showing the vehicle and it´s characteristics.

    With this vehicle, I will get avoid not only the gas cost, but also energy bills and home rent. In others countries, the situation can perhaps look as here; the temptation for surpass this is very strong.
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  3. Jack

    Jack Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds like a great project. If you have not already, I suggest starting a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe.com or KickStarter.com

    Posting your plans for sale is totally acceptable, since you are not a commercial entity... yet :)
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  5. I have now the whole project, including for whom lives outside the tropical zone. The vehicle dispenses then any recharge point, allowing stay long terms on remote places, perfect for camping or long travels
  6. A vehicle that besides serving as a house, also dispenses the energy bill and the periodic visit to the fuel station ... considering the rise of fuel and electricity, it seems increasingly tempting.
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  8. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you are offering as a design. My nephew does these designs and he tells me that people are using such mounted panels on RVs, trucks, railway cars etc. So he was curious as to what designs you are offering in specific: Is it just the design of mount or the whole system with the bill of materials and specifications of components? Is the design of the battery pack included? Is is specific to one type of motor home or more generic as roof lines vary?

    There are already sites that have information on that for example

  9. Well, my dear friend interestedinRV,
    I took a quick look at this site, I confess I did not know, thanks for the indication.
    But this site encompasses several degrees of involvement in the option for solar energy, which for most users represents only a cost savings, not a complete change for electric vehicle.
    Instead, my project, I think I did not make clear in my post, it means complete independence of recharge points; I'm just going to go somewhere to stock the fridge and the pantry.
    As a cost analyst, working for small entrepeneurs, I have learned to calculate the point where the investment happens to make sense, when you find that the money to spend in the next few years will be significantly less. This is the point.
  10. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Well-Known Member

    I am totally confused by your postings

    Your first post stated that for $40 you would be willing to sell detailed plans for a project for mount an electric motorhome, where the energy come from a set of panels on roof.

    Detailed plans could mean different things, but in this context usually mean detailed designs that an installer could use to complete the project.

    You also state you want to raise $120K (which at $40 a pop is about 3000 units sold)

    In your second post you talk about cost analysis where you "have learned to calculate the point where the investment happens to make sense, when you find that the money to spend in the next few years will be significantly less"

    The second post implies you will provide a calculator (for the lack of a better word) that will provide the break-even point. Detailed plans could include designs and financial calculations but I am not clear what it is.

    Hence, I am not able to understand what you are offering for $40 and what value there is, if any. If you want to sell any thing, the buyer needs to understand what he/she is buying. I don't.
  11. I think I need to explain myself better.
    I ask for $ 40 for the project. I think I can get about $1800 in total.
    already the $ 120 k is the sum that I will need to realize this project, which I intend to achieve with the sale of my work of science fiction, whose campaign I intend to start with the sale of the project, those $ 1800.
    could you understand?
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  13. What may be confusing your understanding, is that I am putting another project in the middle to allow raising the necessary capital.
    Of course, to raise the sum needed to set up the vehicle is out of the question.
    So I'm going to use the money from the sale of the plans to leverage the sale of the books; and the money from selling the books to collect the money to assemble the vehicle.
    Do you understand now?
  14. sorry my last post; after explain 4 times, some can missing...
    I have some other projects in view, and I want soon this and then begin the next. the vehicle is only a small part

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