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Discussion in 'Other EVs' started by Eric, Jul 16, 2021.

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  1. Eric

    Eric New Member

    I have taken my 2017 Leaf from Boulder (through the Eisenhower Tunnel or over Loveland Pass) to Summit County, Colorado. But, one of these days I’ll give it a go. I’ve taken is skiing and hiking, etc. at other locations. But, it’s hard to estimate what range I’ll have going up the I-70 before the pass. I know I’ll gain a bunch of energy down the big hill after the pass.

    In any case, I spotted this electric bus while in Breckenridge. I believe it’s a Proterra. Compared to the other diesel-electric, this was nice and quiet, and seemed to smoothly cruise up the steep and winding mountain roads in the infamous ski town. The Town of Breckenridge has a goal to electrify 100% of its busses by 2030.

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  3. ericy

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  4. gooki

    gooki Active Member

    Did Proterra mount the batteries in the roof?

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