Electra Meccanica Solo and Tofino roadster

Discussion in 'Other EVs' started by Domenick, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. Although seemingly a startup, this outfit is actually over 50 years old, previously operating under the name Intermeccanica. You can read about their interesting history >here<.

    Now, they are known for the three-wheeled Solo, which is in production. I understand a few have been delivered to customers local to the company, and that a bigger batch is arriving pretty soon. Check out their YouTube channel. They have a bunch of videos up.

    Also of note, it has a (4-wheel) roadster model called the Tofino coming as well. Now only available as a render, expect to be able to see it in the metal later this year. With its history of building small sportscars, this could really be a sweet ride.
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  3. freedomv

    freedomv New Member

    They can bring a 4wheel unit out but not going to sell in the US as too hard to pass FedDOT.
    The Solo EV is a very good design and hard to beat for a low cost commuter that is cheap, free to park as many places have free MC parking. While at $15k a bit pricey, it'll cost almost nothing to run for decades.
    I helped them early as a 3wh and composite expert to not make the mistakes the Sparrow did and they did excellently. I'd bet this would have very fast times on an Autocross racecourse, beating a lot of sportscars.
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  4. Good to hear. Perhaps if the Tofino is awesome enough, it will attract investment to help get it over the US regulatory hurdles. Certainly looks like a pretty sweet design.
  5. freedomv

    freedomv New Member

    Now they are doing a 365 Porsche EV, I take that back as US has a new Kitcar law allowing 325/yr/model if a 25yr or older looking car, with minimal regulations of 5k/yr/company max.
  6. Robb Stark

    Robb Stark New Member

    A year later, the big batch of Solos for regular customers is said to becoming by end of this quarter, Q1 19.

    Previously,vehicles have gone to fleets and friends of the company.
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  8. It seems the design has changed a bit, and I assume the next batch will feature the updated fascia. Here's a video from a few days ago showing off the Solo 2.0.


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