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    Tesla follows a well known pattern every quarter. Two months of prep and the third month is 'balls to wall' production and delivery. But the anti-Tesla crowd appears to 'release' their Tesla bad news in the week or so before the end of each quarter. Only this pattern and the usual suspects have been identified.

    Teslas are not prefect but as Sandy Munro pointed out, Tesla practices continuous improvement. Fixes are put in when developed, on the active line, because as Elon once said, 'you don't knowingly build a broken product.'

    We know that Business Insider, Linette Lopez, has been especially hard working to dig up proprietary Tesla documents negative to Tesla:

    . . . Elon Musk has confronted her twice, asking her on Twitter if she had given “material non-public information about Tesla” to Jim Chanos, a known short-seller on the company. He also asked her if she compensated or promised to compensate Martin Tripp for inside information. . . .

    So I'm part of the "The Tesla community reputes Linette Lopez as anti-Tesla." But the real risk is: "If the story is true, Tesla should fix these early Model S units as soon as possible, voluntarily. If it is not, journalism will have suffered another big hit." Gotcha journalism is the problem.

    There are used Model S/X available, even Rich 'Rebuilds' Benoit has at least one that has been fast DC charging bricked. Contract with a credible engineering firm and ask them to provide a paid report of the claimed defect. There are engineering firms on both sides of the Atlantic that can prepare a credible study using salvage parts. Realize that if this was a known defect, the correction has already been leaving the line.

    Good quality control requires timely, accurate communications between the engineers, managers, and line workers. But 'gotcha' articles from compromised, internal documents is toxic often because corrective actions are too often omitted.

    VW was caught by doing the investigation right. Preliminary data was used to contract with a University to do the hard work, measuring what is coming out the tail pipe. This was shared with CARB who brought in the EPA. Eventually, VW was cornered and confessed. VW documents were then gotten by subpoena and VW witnesses investigated BY THE LAW. That is the right way.

    Bob Wilson

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