EcoV Electric, the Superior Low Speed Vehicle

Discussion in 'General' started by RMarksEV, Jun 17, 2019.

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    Hello EV fans, We need some advice about our early stage EV manufacturing company. We are having a difficult time connecting to people who would want to partner with us. We need partners with technical, sales/marketing and financial skills. We are planning to produce a family of street legal electric Low Speed Vehicles into the city/urban fleets and then into the retirement and urban family markets. Our contract assembly partner in Ohio, USA is sharing his building. The LSV class of vehicles in US are basically enhanced for speed golf carts. We bring hundreds of years of ex- auto OEM experiences from all areas. You can see more on our website

    Our family of EcoV Electrics are not golf cart based but rather a smallish car or truck. Fully enclosed with real doors and glass windows.. It will be crash tested and EcoV feels, rides, handles like a small vehicle. Base price is $11,999 USD with lots of options to customize and add range if needed. We do automotive differently to keep the price down. 80% of the parts we use are current technology, proven, off-the-shelf, high volume automotive and industrial parts. This combined with use of a contract engineering services company reduces our costs significantly.

    This market in US today is about 10k units/yr. We believe that our EcoV could greatly expand this market as our clinics have shown us. Our plan is to start small at 10,000 units/yr and grow

    What can we improve to get more interest in our company?
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