E-Type Zero

Discussion in 'Jaguar' started by Jack, Oct 4, 2017.

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  1. Jack

    Jack Administrator

    Is this a sign of more classic/retro EVs to come (from more than just Jag)? I can see a huge market for DIY EV conversions of old cars, especially with the growth of solar energy, but will manufacturers invest in this (doubtful)? Very cool idea and a profound statement from Jaguar, but not sure I quite like the E-type Zero


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  3. Adrian

    Adrian New Member

    We'll be running out of fuel sooner or later. An EV conversion would allow owners of classic and vintage cars to still be able to drive them. That would be cool, for the rich people, of course.
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  4. Jack

    Jack Administrator

    I have always been of the opinion that fuel will outlast cars. I doubt we will rely on fuel as long as we did the horse, but who knows. Also, I do not see the draw for driving a silent classic car- without the sound, why drive it? I would rather convert an 90s honda than a classic car
  5. Fully Charged just did an episode featuring this car. One thing not mentioned in the post, and which is possibly the most interesting new bit of information from the video is that they worked with Rimac Automobili on the drivetrain (at the 8:14 mark). Rimac does for for a number of OEMs but usually we don't hear about it.

    Now, I have to wonder if maybe Rimac is also involved in the I-Pace or maybe even the Road Rover.

    Anyway, this was a great video, and even if you saw one about the car before, it's well worth a watch.
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  6. Jack

    Jack Administrator

    Working with Rimac is very exciting! I wish the video showed the car driving, but I understand it was all captured at that one event, still a cool video
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  8. Andrew Day

    Andrew Day New Member

    A very interesting project, but instead of taking a car like the E-type which has, for a classic, an almost perfect engine; reliable, powerful, easy to maintain, sounds fantastic & so on, why not do this to a car which is a great classic, but which is perhaps let down by its engine? I think immediately of Alfa Montreal, Citroen SM, MGB 1800. Cars whose engines were over complicated (SM) fragile and in need of constant maintenance (Montreal) under powered (MGB). I'm sure you could quickly come up with your own list. What I am waiting for and hope to see is, instead of a all finished car like the E-type Zero, all the same tech as a kit ready to drop into any front engined rear wheel drive car, which is the easiest kind of car to convert (I may be wrong on that point), and fortunately, a very common layout in the classic car world (SM is front wheel drive). I would I would definitely like to create a conversion like that in the future that didn't rely on an old fork lift truck motor and old car batteries (as shown on YouTube). I am keeping my eye out for a Montreal being sold cheep for having no engine.
  9. You may be interested in some of the conversion parts that EV West has available now. Definitely better than an old forklift motor and old car batteries.

    Competitor Stealth EV also does conversion work and has some interesting components available.

    What they, and a number of other people, are doing now is just taking salvaged Tesla rear drivetrains and swapping out rear axles. Fit in salvaged battery modules from a Tesla or Chevy Volt, or what have you, and voila!
  10. IanL

    IanL New Member

    The profile of the E-Type Zero has just been raised again, with the advent of it featuring in the Royal Wedding.
    As such, I just had this Facebook exchange (also worth noting that he is not "all for modern electric cars", as he claims- he's a mechanic and has been dismissive of EVs on many occasions):

    Opera Snapshot_2018-05-20_153548_www.facebook.com.png
  11. Yeah, sometimes we, as humans, invest way too many emotions into inanimate objects. I get the charm of an old mechanical bit of machinery still functioning after many years, but, you know, why not both? A retro electro and regular vintage vehicles.
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  13. Guess this is a good tie to add video of this car in action. :)


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