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    We have taken 5 road trips in our E-tron so far and each time the car has exceeded the EPA rated range, but Sunday we reached a new family record. We went from Seattle E on I-90 to Ellensburg for lunch meeting and back, drove a total of 214 miles and got home with 43 miles of range 17% SOC remaining. We drove with traffic 55-75 MPH through the mountains, and even left the climate control running while we ate lunch to keep the car cool because we were worried about putting our baby back in a hot car. The E-Tron has completely exceeded out expectation on range for highway trips ( we live in a hilly area), and I have a hard time understanding how the EPA came up with 204 miles? I see other reports on the E-Tron forum of people getting 250-270 miles on a charge, in longer, more optimal drives. We have only noticed abnormally high consumption when taking short trips to the grocery store, (2-10 mile trips) and I wonder if this is caused by battery conditioning? All in all after the first couple months the E-Tron has exceeded our expectations, especially on range.
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