Dropping Consumer Reports, again

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by bwilson4web, Dec 5, 2019.

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    Consumer Reports so badly handled the Prius reviews, I dropped our subscription for several years. After at least two editorial board changes, they finally fixed the worst of their Prius reviews (or made them less bad.) So I bought a year subscription but this morning threw out the renewal as this is what they said about Teslas lows:
    • Model 3 (Long Range) - "Reliability, stiff ride, distracting controls, rear seat, long charging time"
    • Model S (100D) - "Reliability, long charging times, access, rear-seat comfort, visibility, controls"
    • Model X (100D) - "Reliability, limited range, long charging times, fussy doors, ride, wind noise, rear visibility, controls"
    Our Standard Range Plus Model 3:
    1. Reliability - not a single Tesla service call needed.
    2. stiff ride - is a precise ride that goes exactly where the car is needed.
    3. distracting controls - over a decade of Prius and BMW i3-REx driving, I am used to center mounted displays and controls.
    4. long charging time - it is much faster than our BMW i3-REx and former Prius Prime.
    Yet curiously, Consumer Reports does not share similar complaints about cars we have hands-on experience. In effect, their anti-Prius bias is now Tesla directed.

    Bob Wilson
  2. You must have had very old CR data. I have read CR for quite a while and they have been very high on all the Prius models. They are all in the top 5 of all vehicles for reliability.
    As it happens, my last car before my current Kona EV was a Prius C, a very good car, and great resale price when I traded it in after 5 years (got 60% of what I paid for it).
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    I never had a problem with the Consumer Reports (CR) surveys. In the 2000-2010 era, CR seemed genuinely surprised at how much the owners liked their Prius in spite of the low scores their staff gave the Prius. Like you, EV is the way to go.

    Bob Wilson

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